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    Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates and a skilled cartographer. She's a lover of money and mikans who dreams of making a map of the world. She currently has a bounty of 66,000,000 beri.

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    Nami was a war orphan from an unknown island in the East Blue Sea. As an infant she was found crying by another young girl name Nojiko. They were found by a young lady Marine named Bellemere. She adopted the two and took them back to her home village of Cocoyashi to work on a mikan orange farm. they didn't have much money, and Nami was frequently stealing books on map making, because her dream was to make a map of the world. Nami at times thought she as a burden to Bellemere, but the local constable, Genzo, told her how it was she and Nojiko that gave Bellemere the will to live as she was near death on the battlefield.

    Their quiet life was shattered when the Arlong Pirates, a ruthless crew of all fish-men, invaded the island and held the people hostage. They demanded the people pay 100,000 Berry per adult and 50,000 per child or face death. Nami and Nojiko were being hidden by Dr. Nako, since Bellemere only had about the 100,000 for herself, and there was no official record of her having children. This would have meant Nami and her sister would have to be sent away. Neither of them wanted to leave, but Bellemere suddenly declared that she was paying for her girls and not herself. She could never deny being their mother. They both broke free and ran to their mother, Arlong took the payment, then shot Bellemere in front of Nami and Nojiko.

    This was only the beginning of Nami's torment at the hands of Arlong. One of his crew, Hatchan, found Nami's map of the island, and they took her with them to make charts for them. Arlong also made a deal with Nami. He told her that if she kept making him maps and could get him 100,000,000 berry he would free her village. Nami was then tattooed with the mark of the Arlong Pirates. Nami returned to the village to tell them she had joined Arlong's crew for the money they gave her, but she later told her sister the truth at their mother's grave.

    Nami spent the next ten years tormented by Arlong to make his charts, the villagers hated her, thinking she betrayed them; or stealing treasure from pirates. She was always in danger and alone. She would hide her booty in the mikan grove that Nojiko continued to run. In that ten years, Nami was nearing her goal, and she only needed one last big score t free her home.


    One Piece Volume 1 JPN (Dec 1997)
    One Piece Volume 1 JPN (Dec 1997)

    Nami (ナミ, Nami) is a main character of the series One Piece, that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. Nami didn't appear in the manga until CH. 8.

    Her first appearance is in One Piece Volume 1, CH. 8 "Nami",

    The origin of her character's creation date back to Oda's earliest development in the story that would become One Piece. Eiichiro Oda wrote two versions of the first story. These one shots were both called Romance Dawn, which is the name of the first chapter of the One Piece series.The characters were named Silk and Ann.

    Character Evolution


    Later in the story the Straw-Hat crew runs into Arlong, a shark who wants Nami to join his side and map out the seas for him instead of Luffy. She does join him but doesn't like the confined and quite claustrophobic room she was put in every day to chart the seas. Also crashed desks and torn up maps are in there making it confined, otherwise it would be three more times comfortable. After Luffy finally finds out where she is Arlong asks her to join them again; at first she refuses, but after she sees Luffy being beat up by Arlong (he decided to fight him because he is trying to take Nami back) she comes to her senses. Then after Luffy wins she joins them, and they set sail. Back at the village she has a good friend named Ganzo who cares for her very much.

    Later than this Nami helps navigate the Straw Hat Crew. She is the only sane person on the ship and often is caught reasoning things out. Nami is not a strong fighter, but is known to fight when necessary. She helps the crew navigate through a nasty storm once to get to the desert. They then walk through the dry desert to Alabasta. Here Usopp gives here a weapon that can create storms. She then has to fight Ms.New Year's Eve. In a tough battle Nami barely wins. She is finally the one who found out a bomb was detonating in the town and where. She navigates the group through another storm to get to Skyisland or Skypeia. She is then kidnapped by God Enel's henchman. However, Zolo protects her.

    After the Skypeia saga, she plays (with her team) the Davy Back Fight. She's part of the Donut's race team and (only in the anime) of the roller skate team. After the two years time skip, Nami is older (she's 20 now), has longer hair. She uses weather bubbles.

    Major Story Arcs

    Orange Town Arc

    It was in Orange Town that Nami stole a map of the Grand Line from the infamous Buggy the Clown. She was being chased by his men when a young man came crashing down from the sky. She played it off as if he was her boss and ran away, but she saw he had defeated the pirates. The boy Luffy asked her to join his pirate crew as a navigator, but she refused due to her hatred of pirates. She tricked Luffy to turn him into Buggy as her boss, but had a change of heart as they tried to kill him with a canon. Luckily, they were both saved by the appearance of Luffy's crew mate Zoro.

    The three escaped, and Nami got to understand Luffy better as she witnessed him defend a dog who was protecting the pet food store of it's deceased master. Nami tagged along as Luffy and Zoro went to fight Buggy to stop from from destroying the town. She wasn't there to fight but steal the treasure from Buggy. Nami still helped Luffy defeated the evil pirate by tying up his scattered body pieces so he couldn't put himself back together. As they left, Nami was shocked the Luffy had left the treasure behind so the villagers could rebuild.

    Island of Rare Animals

    The trio washed up on the Island of Rare Animals, and met a strange man trapped in an empty chest called Gaimon. He had been there after he was left by his crew when he was after a horde of treasure chests at the top of a hill he could no longer reached. Luffy went to get the treasure on top, but Nami was angry and confused when he refused to bring it down. It's because they were already empty and he didn't want to ruin Gaimon's dream.

    Syrup Village Arc

    The next stop was on the outskirts of Syrup Village. They met a long nosed young man named Usopp, and they stumbled into a grand conspiracy that led to a huge battle. Usopp was friends with Kaya, a rich girl of the village; and it turns out that her butler, Klahadore, was actually the deadly Captain Kuro, who was thought to of been captured and killed years ago. His crew was set to invade the island to kill Kaya and steal her fortune the next day.

    Nami joined in the battle, but mostly as support. She helped Zoro defeat Siam and Butchie, then woke Luffy up by stepping on Luffy's head after he fell victim to Jango's hypnotism. Nami went to raid the Black Cat Pirates ship as Luffy fought Kuro, and she was shocked at how angry Luffy got at seeing Kuro even attacking his own crew. After he won and kicked the pirates off the island, Luffy collapsed into Nami's arms from exhaustion. As a thanks, Kaya gave them a ship called the Going Merry, and Usopp joined their crew.

    Baratie Arc

    The crew ran across from old bounty hunter friends of Zoro, Johnny and Yosaku; and they told them to look to the floating restaurant Baratie to find a cook of their crew. An incident outside led to Luffy having to work as a busboy, and inside they met the young cook Sanji, who flirted with Nami. When the pirate captain Don Krieg attacked the restaurant, Nami took this opportunity to steal botht he Going Merry and the treasure she aquired to return to Cocoyashi. For the first time she regretted stealing from pirates and wondered if they could ever accept her if they met again.

    Arlong Park Arc

    Nami docked the Merry away from Arlong Park and put the treasure along with the rest she had stored. With one more trip, she would have all she needed to free Cocoyashi. Though, Luffy had sent Zoro and Usopp to get her back. Zoro was captured by Arlong's crew, but she later freed him after they had left. When Usopp was caught, Nami's loyalties were in question. She made it appear that she had stabbed Usopp, but knifed her own hand. He played along and fell into the water to escape. She found Luffy had arrived, and she told him to take his ship and leave, but he just laid down and refused to leave without her

    That same day, Genzo was escorting a Major Nezumi, a Marine in Arlong's pocket, to the mikan grove. He knew about the stolen money and came to confiscate it all. She confronted Arlong about this betrayal, but he said he didn't lie because she never brought the money to him. Nami tried to stop the villagers fro revolting because she knew they would be killed, and they admitted that they knew she had been stealing to save them all along. All alone in the village, Nami stabbed at her shoulder with a knife at the mark of Arlong several times before Luffy stopped her. All she did was ask for his help, Luffy put his treasured straw hat on her head, and he left with the rest of the crew to defeat Arlong and save the villagers.

    Nami ran to Arlong Park after she bandaged her arm. Upon her arrival, Luffy was missing, and Zoro and Sanji seemed defeated. Luffy escaped from the water and returned to fight Arlong, Nami watched as the battle went inside Arlong Park and the room she was forced to draw maps in for ten years. Suddenly, the entire building was split in two, collapsed, and Luffy burst from the rubble declaring that she was a member of his crew. The island erupted into a giant party, and Nami had a new tattoo put on her shoulder of a mikan and a pinwheel, a symbol of her mother and Genzo, her father figure. Nami left the money she got back and ran off with the Straw Hats as their navigator.

    Loguetown Arc

    The crew stopped off at the famous island Loguetown to gather supplies before entering the Grand Line. The stop wasn't a calm one since Buggy had returned for revenge, and they were also hunted by Captain Smoker, a Marine who specialized in stopping pirates. Nami could sense a storm coming, and Usopp joined her to get the ship ready for their escape. Just as the dangerous weather blew in, Luffy and the others arrived and jumped aboard.

    Reverse Mountain

    The trek up reverse mountain and into the Grand Line was a dangerous one, and once inside the great sea they nearly crashed into a gigantic whale called Laboon. The entire ship was swallowed up, and inside they met the whale's doctor, Crocus. He let them out and told them how the whale was trying to break down the mountain to find the human pirates that left him behind. Luffy convinced the whale to stop hurting itself.

    When Nami tried plotting their course, she was horrified to learn that a regular compass doesn't work in the Grand Line. It was because of the wild magnetic fields that all islands have in this sea. He gave them his log pose and they set off for the first island on their journey, along with two suspicious passengers called Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9.

    Alabasta Saga - Whiskey Peak Arc

    They reached Whiskey Peak Island, but Nami wasn't fooled by the celebration that these people welcomed them with. She pretended to get drunk and pass out during the party. She then sneaked off and learned this is an island of bounty hunters. Zoro had already realized his and was fighting as the rest of the Straw Hats were asleep.

    However, things became more complicated when two assassins from the Baroque Works organization arrived to kill Miss Wednesday, who was actually princess Nefertari Vivi of Alabasta. Nami forced Luffy and Zoro to save Vivi for a reward, but even she wanted out of this fight after they learned how dangerous this organization is and being led by the Warlord of the Sea, Sir. Crocodile. There was no escape since their conversation had been overheard by two of the Baroque Works spies. They agreed to take Vivi and her pet duck Karoo back to their home.

    Before they could escape, they were met by the Baroque Works Vice-President, Miss All Sunday. Oddly enough, she seemed to be offering them help in the way of an Eternal Pose. Luffy rejected the help, and she left without incident.

    Alabasta Saga - Little Garden Arc

    The island of Little Garden was their next stop and it was filled with dinosaurs and once thought extinct plants. With most of the crew adventuring, Usopp and Nami met a Giant named Burogy. He took them to his camp where he offered them food, but they both thought he was trying to fatten them up. Burogy was on the island fighting his life long friend and rival, Dorey. They had been dueling on the island for the past 100 years.

    Nami was eventually captured by two Baroque Works agents, Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek. She was put into a wax trap of Mr. 3 along with Zoro and Vivi. Luffy and Usopp managed to save them from certain death, but Nami had been bitten by some bug in the process. Sanji returned saying he had talked to Crocodile via Transponder Snail and convinced him they were dead, and he had gotten an eternal pose to Alabasta.

    Alabasta Saga - Drum Island Arc

    The trip to Alabasta had to be cut short has Nami fell deathly ill. Vivi made the dicision to find a doctor for Nami and they found their way to Drum Island. The island only had a single doctor, a witch doctor who lived at the castle at the top of the sheer mountains. Nami agreed to let Luffy carry her. She was strapped to his back and escorted by Sanji. The trip up the mountain was hazardous due to the beasts called Lapins and the once king turned pirate Wapol. Luffy had to run from these fights, because he couldn't risk it with Nami on his back. Luffy climbed up the mountain carrying Nami and an injured Sanji to the top.

    She was treated by Doctor Kureha and her assistant, Tony Tony Chopper, a talking reindeer. The castle was then under attack from Wapol and his men. Nami was in bed for most of the fight, but she ran into Wapol after he had burst inside. She stole the key he was carrying, thinking it to be to a treasure. Though, later Kureha had needed this key to get at what she wanted in the castle. Nami used it to barter her early release. The crew packed up, and Luffy got Chopper to join the crew.

    During the voyage to Alabasta, Nami talked to Usopp about making her a weapon she could use to finally be of help in fights. They also lost their advantage when they met up with Bon Clay at sea. He was a shape shifter who could transform into anyone once he had touched their face, and he had touched everyone but Sanji. It was only after he left that Vivi recognized him as Mr. 2 of Baroque Works.

    Alabasta Saga - Alabasta Arc

    On Alabtasta, they stopped off in Nanohana to supplies to cross the desert, but Smoker from Loguetown had caught up with them. They managed to escape capture due to the help of Luffy's older brother Portgas D. Ace. The crew crossed the vast desert to Yuba, but found it abandoned. They were trying to stop the rebels in Alabasta from igniting a civil war started by Crocodile against Vivi's father. Luffy convinced Vivi to let them face Crocodile for her and they went to Rain Base. In Rain Base, Nami, Zoro, Usopp, and Smoker all got caught in Crocodile's trap. They escaped thanks to Sanji, and headed to the capital Alubarna to try and stop the civil war. Luffy stayed behind to fight Crocodile.

    The Straw Hats were too late to stop the civil war from starting, but they split into teams of two to fight the Baroque Works officers. Nami was with Zoro against Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger. Once separated, Nami tried fighting with the weapon Usopp had created for her, the Clima-Tact. At first she didn't know how to use it since Usopp had added a bunch of useless party gimmicks, but she learned that this weapon allowed her to manipulate the weather of her environment. Though injured,Nami defeated Miss. Doublefinger with the Cyclone Tempo. The crew all gathered in the town square when Luffy returned to fight Crocodile again. Nami helped to try and stop the people from fighting until Luffy finally won.

    After some relaxing in the royal palace, the Straw hats had to escape. They offered Vivi a chance to go with them if she could reach the shore by noon. ith the forces of Marine Captain Hina on their tail, they made it to the rendezvous. Vivi was there, but only to say goodbye and asked if they would still be friends once they meet again. They couldn't call out with the Marines in the area and implicate the princess with them. They instead showed her the marks on their arms they had used to help identify one another in case Bon Clay had impersonated them, a symbol of their friendship.

    Jaya Arc

    Soon after losing their pursuit, the crew was shocked to learn they had a stow away, Miss All Sunday. Her real name is Nico Robin, she asked to join the crew, and Luffy quickly agreed. As they continued to sail, a giant ship nearly cashed on top of them after it fell from the sky. A scavenging mission lead them to believe it had fallen from a sky island. They faced off against some professional scavengers, but escaped and used their stolen eternal pose to Jaya.

    On Jaya, they learned of an old man on the island named Montblanc Cricket. He told them about the legend of the sky islands and his ancestor. Him and his friends equipped Going Merry for the dangerous voyage on the knock-up stream as they went in search of a South Bird to navigate. On their return, Cricket and everyone had been attacked by the Bellamy Pirates. Luffy ran off to get Cricket's treasure back, and Nami threatened to kill him if he was defeated. He returned just in time, and the sailed up the dangerous knock-up stream into the white the clouds.

    Skypiea Arc

    On the white sea of clouds, the crew eventually landed on Skypiea and met Conis and her father, Pagaya. Nami roe on Pagaya's waver, as he looked at the ancient one they had salvaged. Nami returned to find the crew quarreling with the island's officers. The forces clashed and the crew planned to leave to avoid causing trouble for Conis. However, a creature of God Eneru, abducted, Nami, Zoro, Robin, and Chopper aboard the Merry to the Upper Yard. While exploring there, Nami made an amazing discovery that she shared when Luffy, Sanji and Usopp arrived. Upper Yard was once a part of Jaya cast into the sky by the knock-up stream, and she new where to find it's treasure.

    Nami sailed on the ship, but their treasure hunt plan got them caught up in the internal war on the island. Eneru attacked and Nami fought off two of his priests alone. Pagaya later arrived with Nami's personal waver he had repaired, and she met Aisa, a girl they rescued along the way. Nami and Aisa were on the waver and had to run from a giant python that swallowed them, and inside it they found Luffy. By the time Nami escaped from the monster, he found that Zoro, Robin, and many others had been defeated by Eneru. Nami agreed to follow Eneru to avoid him killing her, but she had a change of heart if it meant abandoning her friends. Luffy then arrived to save her, and he was completely immune to Eneru's electric powers. Unfortunately, Eneru still knocked Luffy off his flying ship with a giant gold weight to his arm, leaving Nami alone.

    Usopp and Sanji saved Nami, and she joined up with everyone to learn Luffy was still chasing after Eneru's ship to save her. She chased after him on her waver and caught up, but Luffy convinced her to help him take down Eneru. She formulated the plan to launch Luffy up into the air, as he rode on her waver; and deliver the final blow to stop him from destroying Skypiea. The next day, Luffy led the crew to all the treasure he had found inside the python's belly. They took all they could carry and returned to the Grand Line below.

    Davy Back Fight Arc

    The crew got dragged into a series of pirate games called a Davy Back Fight with the Foxy Pirates, led by Foxy. Nami took part in the first race around the island, but Foxy cheated using this Slow-Slow Fruit powers. Nami helped Zoro and Sanji win the second games by tricking the referee, and she watched as Luffy struggled in his one-on-one against Foxy and his powers.

    It was after the game that they ran into Admiral Aokiji. He knew Robin, and she was terrified of him. He seemed nice enough, but turned told them that every organization Robin has been a part of has been destroyed. He tried to kill Robin with his Ice-Ice powers, but Luffy saved her and tossed her frozen form off to Nami and Chopper to take back to the Going Merry. Chopper defrosted Robin, and Zoro and Sanji returned with a frozen over Luffy. Luffy was also saved, but Aokiji didn't come after them.

    Water 7 Saga - Water 7 arc

    On the Water City Water Seven, they went to cash in their treasure for 300 Million berry, then went to see the famous Galley-La Workers to have them repair the Going Merry, Unfortunately, they were told she was beyond repair. Things only got worse when Usopp quit the crew over abandoning the Going Merry, and they were all implicated in the attempted murder of the town's mayor, Iceburg; because Nico Robin had been named as his attacker. She had gone missing, and the crew was on the run.

    They were there to stop the second attempt and learned Robin was with the CP-9, the World Government's assassins. She appeared to be abandoning them, but Nami learned from Iceburg that Robin had helped them to save them from the CP-9 and was most likely heading to her death at Enies Lobby. Nami rushed to find Luffy so they could save Robin. They were even joined by the Franky Family and Galley-La Workers on the sea train Rocket Man to chase after and the cyborg Franky.

    Water 7 Saga - Enies Lobby arc

    Nami was able to use the Perfect Clima-tact that Usopp had crafted for her int the battle on Eneis Lobby. To free Robin they needed to face off against the CP-9 to find which had the key to her Sea Prism Stone handcuffs, Nami first battled with Kumadori, but had to be saved by Chopper. Nami switched challengers after Sanji was defeated by Kalifa for refusing to strike a woman. Nami had a hard battle against Kalifa and her Bubble-Bubble devil fruit powers. and her skill in the Six Powers fighting style. Nami figured out that water neutralized Kalifa's power, and was able to use the new Clima-Tact to create advanced mirages and a powerful bolt of lightning called "Thunder Lance Tempo". Nami got the keys, then formed a plan with Franky to stop a rampaging Chopper, who had transformed into a wild, giant monster.

    They freed Robin and had to fight off the Marines from the Buster Call attack as they waited for Luffy to defeated Rob Lucci, CP-9's deadliest assassin. With his narrow victory, they were able to escape on the Going Merry, which had managed to sail there on it own. However, on the way back to Water Seven, the Merry split in two. They were forced to give their beloved ship a viking style funeral as they were picked up by Iceburg's men.

    After the Enies Lobby incident, the crew were now all wanted. A wanted poster was now made of Nami, calling her Cat-Burglar Nami (泥棒猫 Dorobō Neko) and a bounty of 16,000,000 beri. On a bright side, Franky had agreed to build the crew a ship they later named the Thousand Sunny, and Luffy convinced Franky to join the crew. Usopp apologized and rejoined just as they were leaving for Fish-Man Island.

    Thriller Bark Saga

    The trip to Fish-Man island caused them to cross through the Florian Triangle. They met a living skeleton named Brook then captured inside a giant island ship called Thriller Bark. Nami, Usopp, and Chopper crashed ashore on the island and found it inhabited by zombies. They too refuge in the castle of Dr. Hogback, but Nami was attacked by an invisible man in the bath, and later learned that Hogback was the one making the zombies with the aide of the Warlord, Gecko Moria. Nami was captured by her invisible attacker, Absalom; and he was trying to force her to marry him while she slept. She had to save herself when Sanji failed to do so. She was also helped by the zombie Lola, who she had earlier befriended.

    She ran to the Sunny to save her treasure and witnessed the Warlord Bartholomew Kuma arrive. He asked her about Ace before he disappeared. After changing, Nami arrived to help fight the giant zombie Oars that had been given the powers of Luffy. They were all defeated by the monster, but Luffy saved Nami and Usopp from being killed. They were shocked to see how he had been transformed into a hulk and was tossing the giant around. This power boost wore off eventually, but the crew united together with Brook to defeat the monster. After Moria was defeated as well, the crew was all knocked out when Bartholomew Kuma attacked. When Nami woke, Kuma was gone and Zoro was seriously injured. There was a party for their victory, and Luffy invited Brook to join them.

    Before they left, Nami took all the treasure and met the human form of the Lola zombie. She gave Nami a piece of Vivre Card paper that could lead to her mother, who's a powerful pirate. This reminded them of the paper Ace gave Luffy in Alabasta. The crew set sail once more, but found the Red Line in their path with no way to go underwater.

    Sabaody Archipelago Arc

    At the Red Line, the Straw Hats met a young mermaid Camie. She had a friend who could help them get a coating for their ship that could get them to Fish-Man island. Though, they were diverted when a friend of Camie had been captured by the Flying Fish Riders. This friend turned out to be Hatchan, the former officer of Arlong who had escaped arrest and was trying to reform. Nami was reluctant at first, but allowed the crew to save him. He then led them to Sabaody Archipelago to find his friend. During the search, Camie was abducted and taken to the slave auctions. Nami had a plan to buy Camie's freedom, but they were grossly outbid by the Celestial Dragon, Saint Charlos. Luffy burst in, then punched Charlos for shooting Hatchan.

    They all managed to escape the Marine assault on the auction house, and made it to Shakky's Bar. There they learned that Hatchan's friend was Silvers Rayleigh, the former first-mate of Gold Roger; and he told them the truth about the arrest of Gold Roger. Rayleigh agreed to coat their ship but it would take three days. They were all given a piece of Vivre Card and were going to split up to hide. The island was overrun with Marines since Luffy had punched the World Noble.

    Their escape was cut short when they were met by who they thought was Bartholomew Kuma, but was a cyborg copy. Then it was Admiral Kizaru, Sentomaru, and more PX-Cyborgs. When the real Kuma appeared, he used his powers to cast each member of the Straw Hats away to different islands. This was their greatest, and most absolute defeat.

    Lost Friends Mini Arc

    Nami landed on a sky island weather research island called Weatheria. She had been taken in by a scientist named Haredas. He showed her a wind trick with what was called Wind Knots, but it only frustrated her. Nami didn't realize at first she was on a sky island at first until she tried to get away to return to Sabaody Archipelago. She very much wanted to leave, but was very interested by the weather science they were studying.

    Dawn Island Arc

    Several days later as Nami worked in the field of the island, she was shocked at the news that was in the recent news paper. The war between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates had come to an end. Whitebeard was dead, and Luffy had been there. His brother Ace died in front of him. In a flash, Nami stole research from the island and tried to escape, but she couldn't pilot their vehicles and crashed back on the land. The scientists put her in prison and had Haredas come to talk with her. She cried out how she wasn't there for Luffy in such a terrible time for him, and rushed out when they opened her sell. In an instant, she was running with what she stole and Haredas. As she was running away, he noticed that she was still crying.

    Soon after, the next paper arrived and Nami saw Luffy was in it again. He had returned to Marineford with Silvers Rayleigh and Jimbei, the former Shichibukai. He was there to mourn Ace, but she noticed the letters written on his arm. It was a code that said they shouldn't meet in three days as they originally planned, but in two years. This was to give them all time to train. Nami was able to get the weather scientists to forgive her by pretending she was so remorseful that she'd commit suicide. She asked Haredas to teach her about the weather of the New World, the second half of the Grand Line; and how to develop their science into some weapons. For two years she trained before returning to Sabaody Archipelago.

    Fish-Man Island Saga

    Nami tells off fake Luffy
    Nami tells off fake Luffy

    Nami reunited from the crew on Sabaody Archipelago two years later, but not before she came across a a group of imposters trying to claim they were the Straw Hats. Once the crew was reunited on the Thousand Sunny, they set sail for Fish-Man island. The trip had them running past pirates, a Kraken, and fish-men pirated that had the mark of Arlong. The crew rushed past them into Fish-Man Island, but were separated in the strong currents.

    Luffy caught up with Nami, then they were invited to Ryugu Palace by King Neptune for Luffy saving the princess' pet shark, Megalo, from the kraken Luffy tamed. Before they could celebrate, they were being blamed for kidnappings at Mermaid Cove. As things were getting worse, the New Fish-Men Pirates attacked the royal palace, then Nami asked Camie to take her to the Sea Forest, where she knew Jimbei was waiting for Luffy. Once there, they found Luffy with princess Shirahoshi, and Jimbei took responsibility for releasing Arlong into the East Blue. He offered his life to Nami, but she forgave him. She even became close with Shirahoshi since they both lost their mothers in similar situations.

    Nami joined in on the counter attack against Hody Jones' crew that was looking to take over. She used her new Sorcery Clima-Tact to hide herself to steal back the letter from the World Government the royal family needed. She helped out in the battle to defend the island and they won. A grand party was held to celebrate, and the Minister of the Left gave Nami a special log pose for the New World.

    Dressrosa Saga - Punk Hazard arc

    Nami and Usopp team up
    Nami and Usopp team up

    The crew were distracted by a distress call that led them to Punk Hazard Island. Nami stayed behind but was captured by someone using sleeping gas, and she woke up locked in a cell with her friends and a talking severed head of a samurai, Kinemon. They escaped to find a room filled with children. The kids asked them to save them, and Nami demanded the crew help. When they made it outside they ran into a battle of Trafalgar Law with Smoker and Tashigi. Law used his powers to jumble the minds and bodies of the Straw Hats. Nami wound up in Franky's body. When Law created an alliance with Luffy to go after one of the Four Emperors, he put Nami's mind into Sanji's body.

    Nami and Chopper were staying behind to look after the children until Caesar Clown returned to get his lab subjects back. The crew was finally going on the attack, but the island filled with a deadly gas. Everyone barely bad it back into the labs, and Nami demanded Law put her mind back in her own body. While everyone went about their battles, Nami went with Zoro, Robin, and Chopper to save the kids, when they were attacked by Monet and her Snow-Snow fruit powers.

    They eventually managed to catch up and were then aided by Sanji and the G-5 in calming the children with sedatives. Everyone then gathered together to escape the facility. Nami cleared the poisonous gas with her clima-tact, then she and Usopp teamed up to prevent Buffalo and Baby 5 from escaping with Caesar. Nami relented to let Tashigi take care of the children, and there was a big celebration before they sailed off with Traflagar joining them.

    Dressrosa Saga - Dressrosa arc

    As part of the plan to destroy the artificial devil fruit factory, the crew invaded Kingdom of Dressrosa. Nami stayed with Chopper, Brook, and Momonosuke to protect the ship while the others went to the island.

    Powers & Abilities

    Despite having no great physical strength. Nami does have one physically based attack. Though she has been known to cause very notable damage to Luffy, despite his rubber body absorbing impacts.

    This attack was first used by Nami after the battle in Alabasta. She was taking a bath with Vivi when they noticed the boys peaking over the wall. She flashed the boys her nude body and it had an instant effect to all viewers. The price of this attack was 100,000 beli each. Making the damage of this attack more financial then physical.

    Weather Prediction & Navigation

    Nami has an uncanny ability to predict the weather without the use of tools. Even while sick she was able guide the Merry Go out of the path of a Grand Line Cyclone, that is suppose to be unpredictable, before it even appeared.


    Nami is also a superb cartographer, map maker. From a very young age she was able to draw accurate maps.

    Master Thief

    Through years of being a thief of pirates, Nami developed an uncanny skill for pick-pocketing. If within her arms reach, she can normally slip something out of someone's pocket without them noticing.


    Eiichiro Oda, One Piece creator, has said that Nami has the third highest IQ of all the characters that were introduced during the East Blue segment of One Piece. She is only behind Benn Beckmen of Shank's crew, at first; and Captain Kuro.

    Weapons & Equipment

    Log Pose

    A Log Pose is a special kind of compass that is required to navigate the Grand Line. Otherwise, finding the various islands is next to impossible, and drifting into the Calm Belt would mean certain destruction. Once a log pose has resonated with island, it will then point to the next in the chain. The log pose Nami was given came from the doctor Crocus at Reverse Mountain.

    The standard log pose is not trustworthy in the New World, the second half of the Grand Line. A second version is used for the New World that has three separate logs. The wilder the needle shakes points to the more dangerous island. Nami was given this log pose by the Ryugu's Kingdom's Minister of the Left, but she didn't want it, because she knew Luffy would always choose the most dangerous path.

    Climate Baton

    Sorcery Climate Baton
    Sorcery Climate Baton

    The Climate Baton (天候棒(クリマ・タクト) Kurima Takuto) is a segmented bo-staff that was created by Usopp specifically for Nami. It was designed to compliment her already unique knowledge in atmosphere and climates. With this tool she can actually manipulate the weather around her. She can make rain clouds, create mirages for her to hide, and strike with lightening bolts.

    The weapon has gone under several evolutions as Nami has used it in battles. Usopp had advanced the weapon by using special shells called Dials they acquired in Skypiea. This was called the Perfect Climate Baton, but she didn't use it until the fight at Enies Lobby. This version didn't require her to blow into the segments to create the atmospheric charges she needed. While Nami was studying the weather technologies at Weatheria, she was able to boost the power to recreate it completely as the Sorcery Climate Baton.

    White Hobby Horse

    Nami first got this Waver when Luffy salvaged it from the Saint Briss. In Skypiea, it was repaired for Nami to use. She was the only member of the crew who could pilot the dial powered boat. After Franky joined the crew, He remodeled Nami's waver without permission and called it the White Hobby Horse. It's kept in storage on the Thousand Sunny in the Channel 1 dock.


    Nami started out the series as rather petite in form, but as the series progressed she became more and more 'developed', becoming more and more endowed with every new arc. Most of the questions about her body and appearance have been answered by series creator, Eiichiro Oda. He has described her as looking like a cat and represented by the color orange.

    Age: 18 (pre-timeskip); 20 (post timeskip)

    Hair : Orange

    Height: 169cm (5' 6") (debut); 170cm (5'7") (after timeskip)

    Measurements: 37-22-33 (95-55-85cm)

    Distinguishing Marks: Pinwheel/Mikan tattoo, blue (left shoulder)

    Favorites: Money and Mikans (mandarin oranges)

    Crew Position: Navigator

    Specialty: Pick-pocketing/Weather Prediction/Cartography

    Dream: To make a map of the world

    Bounty: 66,000,000 (Beli)

    Nami will proudly say that the two things she loves most in this world are money and mikans. Mikans are a kind of orange. In Japan, they are seen as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. It's basically a joke that the two things Nami loves are money and more money.

    Other Media


    Dragon Ball x One Piece: Cross Epoc (2006)

    Cross Epoch (クロスエポック, Kurosu Epokku) is an example of the rare times manga series have performed story cross-overs with another series. The Cross Epoch story is a collaboration of Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama of their One Piece and Dragon Ball universes. The cross-over was for a single chapter that was published along with One Piece Ch. 439 in the Weekly Shonen Jump on December 25, 2006. The events held no canon to either story, and it had characters from both worlds intermingled in a humors short story of them all gathering together for a party. Nami is teamed up with Bulma as a pair of space pirates.

    One Piece x Toriko Crossover (2011)

    One Piece x Toriko Crossover (One Piece x トリコ 実食! 悪魔の実!, One Piece x Toriko: Jisshoku! Akuma no Mi!) is the second cross-over for the One Piece series, and it brought together Eiichiro Oda with one of his friends Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro, the creator of Toriko. The cross-over was for a single chapter that was published along with One Piece Ch. 619 in the Weekly Shonen Jump on April 4, 2011.


    One Piece (1999)

    The One Piece animated series is a direct adaptation of Oda's original manga.. It's produced by TOEI Animation and first began airing in October 20, 1999. Nami's first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 1"I’m Luffy! The Man Who’s Gonna Be King of the Pirates!". The continuity of Nami's appearance in the anime was changed from the manga. Her appearance in One Piece wasn't until chapter 8 of the manga, but she was inserted into episode 1 and all the following until her canon appearance in episode 4.

    She has had two separate voice actresses Japanese anime series. Her standard Japanese voice actress is Akemi Okamura, but while on maturity leave was filled in by Wakana Yamazaki (Ep. 299-319). For the U.S. dub produced by FUNimation is done by Luci Christian.

    One Piece Jidaigeki Special: Luffy Oyabun Torimonocho

    One Piece Jidaigeki Special: Luffy Oyabun Torimonocho
    One Piece Jidaigeki Special: Luffy Oyabun Torimonocho

    The One Piece Jidaigeki Special: Luffy Oyabun Torimonocho (ONE PIECEワンピース時代劇スペシャル「麦わらのルフィ親分捕物帖」, Wan Pīsu Jidaigeki Supesharu Mugiwara no Rufi-oyabun Torimonochō) is a special anime spin-off, but are not a part of the One Piece main story line. This series began as end of the year specials of an alternate universe for One Piece. The setting took place in a land called Grand Jipang and in a time line of the Japanese Edo period. Luffy is no longer a pirate but the local officer of the law, but still retains his Devil Fruit powers. Nami runs the Pinwheel Eatery with Sanji as the cook. The side story series were eventually aired with the anime as filler episodes.

    Dream 9 Toriko & One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special (2013)

    Dream 9: Setsuno, Nami, Mr. Satan, Mr. Buu, and Videl
    Dream 9: Setsuno, Nami, Mr. Satan, Mr. Buu, and Videl

    Dream 9 Toriko & One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special (ドリーム9 トリコ&ワンピース&ドラゴンボールZ 超コラボスペシャル!!, Dorīmu Nain Toriko ando Wan Pīsu ando Doragon Bōru Zetto Chō-Korabo Supesharu!!) is an anime cross over special was created by Toei Animation. It was the first multi-series cross over between the franchises of Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Toriko. Part was was in Toriko Episode 99 "Run, Strongest Army! Toriko, Luffy, Goku!" and Part 2 was in One Piece Episode 590 "History's Strongest Collaboration vs. Glutton of the Sea" . Both of these episodes aired back to back on April 7, 2013. Nami appeared in this special, and she is voiced by Akemi Okamura.


    Several movies have been adapted based from the popular manga and anime series known as One Piece. Nearly all have been created by TOEI Animation, the same production company has the anime.

    Her first film appearance was in the first anime movie One Piece - The Movie (2000). She has then appeared in all the One Piece series of movies to follow.

    Though most of these films are considered non-canon, Eiichiro Oda had often done some design work and signed off on the stories. That had been the extent of his involvement until the tenth year anniversary film One Piece Film: Strong World (2010). This is the first of the film series that is considered canon to the time line by Oda, and he held the title of executive producer for the movie. He designed all the characters, costumes, and created the screenplay. The timeline of this film is set between the Thriller Bark and Sabaody Archipelago Arc.


    Nami has made appearances in many of the video games in the One Piece series. Her first video games appearance was in the

    (For a full list of games that feature Nami, see her profile on Giant Bomb. HERE)


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