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    A powerful but peaceful race in the Dragonball Universe.

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    The people of Namek are peaceful alien race. Each Namekian village is governed by their eldest of the village.The planet Namek is ruled by the Grand Elder Guru. All Namekians are unisex Elder Guru is the best example having created every Namekian on the planet..

    At some point in time, there was a great cataclysm on Namek and even King Kai was surprised that any had survived. At the time of the Frieza saga, only about 100 Namekians existed on Namek. After the destruction of Namek in the battle between Goku and Frieza, the Namekians were relocated to a planet they dubbed New Namek.

    Powers and Abilities:

    All Namekians posses the powers to regenerate their limbs. Namekians also have the abilitie to fuse with others. Namekians require no food to eat, only water.

    Piccolo regenerating his arm.
    Piccolo regenerating his arm.

    In the series, Nameks demonstrate a wide variety of abilities, many of them magical in nature. These abilities are seen mostly by important characters, such as Piccolo Jr., so it is unknown how many are common to the species versus the individual. It is likely that the vast majority of them are restricted to fighter-type Nameks as opposed to sage-like Nameks, as none of the normal Nameks displayed the ability to use them when facing the crisis of Frieza's invasion.

    Heightened Sense of Hearing: Nameks' sense of hearing is far greater than that of humans. Piccolo Jr. told Goku that the large ears weren't just to frame his face and that he heard all that Future Trunks told him, indicating that their large outer ear structure gives them heightened hearing. In the Dragon Ball Z Movie #4 Lord Slug, it is stated that very high-pitched sounds like whistling can be irritating to Nameks, to the point of causing them pain, particularly when they are in giant form (as their eardrums are the size of garbage bins).

    Thick Skin: Nameks evidently have thick skin capable of shielding them from extreme drops in temperature. After his spaceship lands on Earth in the frigid Yunzabit Heights, Kami spends his life alone in the region from youth through adolescence. Polar regions are also a common venue for Piccolo's training, as seen throughout Dragon Ball Z as well as the film The World's Strongest. In the episode " Follow Dr. Gero", Piccolo speaks aloud his satisfaction in not being an Earthling, in response to Krillin's complaints that the vicinity of North City is too cold.

    Sai Sei: Nameks are an extremely resilient race and capable of healing themselves and regenerating body parts instantly, as long as their brains are intact. This does not make them completely invulnerable, though, as it takes a large amount of reserve energy to perform and it is possible for a Namek to die with his body more or less intact after a battle.

    Nobiru Ude (Body Flexibility): A Nameks' body and limbs are also extremely flexible. They can elongate their arms and legs at will. With considerable effort, they are even able to grow many times their size.

    Awakening Potential: A somewhat mystical ability used by Guru, he was able to raise the power level of individuals by awakening their potential. It's not just a normal power boost; it makes the person as powerful as they possibly could be at that point in time, assuming they already aren't. If the individual is already at their max, and they already meet their potential, the technique will do them no good.

    Object Creation: Nameks can create items like clothing out of thin air. It is likely this ability is what is used for their most potent skill, the creation of Dragon Balls. It was noted in the series that only members of the "Dragon Clan" of Nameks were able to create the Dragon Balls, but it is unclear whether their creation is a learned skill or innate to the species, as Kami created them based on a racial memory of sorts.

    Fusion: Nameks have a form of inverse reproduction where they are able to permanently join themselves with other members of their race. When this is done one of the Nameks serve as the base and gains the skills, memories and many of the personality traits of the other. It is unknown what happens to the soul of the fused Namek, but it is hinted that the other soul simply remain with the body until it perishes, or that, at least, the personality and memories are, to some extent, present within the host being.

    Fission: The reverse of fusing, a single Namek can also split into different copies of himself.

    List of Namekians

    • Cargo (Brother to Dende)
    • Cymbal (Mutated son of King Piccolo)
    • Dende (Kami's replacement as Guardian of Earth)
    • Drum (Mutated son of King Piccolo)
    • Guru (Namekian Elder and creator of the Dragonballs)
    • Kami (Good side of King Piccolo)
    • Katas (Father to Kami and King Piccolo's orignal form)
    • King Piccolo (Evil Side of Kami)
    • Lord Slug (Super Namek space pirate)
    • Moori (Village Elder and replacement for Guru)
    • Nail (Bodyguard to Guru)
    • Piano (Mutated son of King Piccolo)
    • Piccolo (Son of King Piccolo-
    • Tambourine (Mutant son of King Piccolo0
    • Tsuno (Village Elder killed by Vegeta)

    Partial Namekian

    • Cell (Body contains Piccolo's blood)
    • Super Buu (After absorbing Piccolo)

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