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The planet of Naltor would make its first appearance in the pages of Adventure Comics #363, "Black Day For The Legion", December 1967. It was created by Kurt Swan, Jim Shooter, and Pete Constanza.


Original Continuity: New Earth

"You may leave Naltor but it never leaves your memory"

Naltor is home to Dream Girl, the White Witch, and Dream Boy. All the inhabitants of this planet can see into the future. Some people don't have this ability, this is called future blind. They look exactly like humans. Because of their precognitive powers they were a wealthy planet. Able to see how the stock market would be, they made a great deal of money.

Naltor is part of the United Planets, and normally is looked for any upcoming disasters that might involve the United Planets. Naltor is ruled by a High Seer. The High Seer can see months into the future and maybe longer. He has been seen to see everything the Legionnaires were going to do.

Naltor soldiers are called the Precommandos. They are especially talented in seeing their opponents next move. They were able to take Shadow Lass and Karate Kid out very easily. They were even commenting on how boring it was.

Notable Naltorians

Dream Girl: The most well known and beloved form her native planet of Naltor Dream Girl has been leader to the Legion od Super-Heroes and next in line as the High Seer of Naltor.

White Witch: Little sister to Dream Girl and fellow Legionnaire she chose the path of magic since she was not born with the future sight as others of Naltor.

Dream Lad: A recruit and replacement on the Legion for the three-boot Legion of Super-Heroes in which Dream Girl was killed.

High Seer of Naltor: The father of the future sight of Naltor, an ancient title given to the the premier Naltorian who guides the culture on Naltor.


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