Nal Hutta

    Location » Nal Hutta appears in 17 issues.

    Home world of the Hutts.

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    A former temperate world, formerly known as Evocar located in the Y'Toub system, was settled 15 millenia ago by dominant Hutt clans who fled their former home plant of Varl.  
    The Hutts settled Evocar centuries before but left it in the hands of the native Evocii, before returning with legal cunning and brute force to make the locals their slaves. Evocar was eventually renamed Nal Hutta meaning 'glorious jewel' in Huttese

    Nal Hutta sits at the confluence of three trade routes: the Ootmian Pabol, Shag Pabol and the Pabol Hutta. It is also the home of the Hutt Grand Council.


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