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Nakota is one of the younger members of the Lilin. Her services to the group was that her eyes would view the where abouts of victims that were miles away or she could tap into a precognative state. She also has a stronger physiology than most humans, and can survive mortal wounds via knife or gunshot. Sometime she would also serve as bait for their enemies even thought it was against her will most of the time, since she was a more passive member of the group.

She was first found with her friend Fang by


at the Limelight ready to serve as Lilith's looking glass. In one fight she was left behind to serve as bait to keep

Ghost Rider


Johnny Blaze

busy. In the fight in Greenland, she survived the fight, only to be eaten alive by Lilith. Soon she would be reborn with the other Lilin and serve in the

Siege of Darkness



Nakota Has the powers or Pregonition, as well as those of Seer, she also has much stronger Physiology compaired to normal humans, and can heal as extremely rapid rate, this power allows her to survive most traditional mortal would for example taking multiple gunshots.


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