Najimi Ajimu

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    Founder of Hakoniwa Academy and the Leader of the Not Equals who possesses 12,852,051,967,633,867 abilities in the Manga and Anime series Medaka Box.

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    Character Overview

    Ajimu Najimi
    Ajimu Najimi

    Ajimu is the founder of Hakoniwa Academy, the known leader of the Not Equals, and the creator of the Flask Plan, a chemical method that turns human into Abnormals in the Manga and Anime series Medaka Box.

    Age: 3,402,193,822,113 years old

    Blood Type: AB

    Physical Appearance:

    Ajimu is described to be a very pretty girl. She has a long dark brown hair that is tied up by two yellow ribbons and reddish brown eyes. She wears a light pink sailor uniform with light pink and red trim with a matching red skirt, thigh-high socks and shoes that has her name "Ajimu" written and she also wears two pink wrist bands.


    Ajimu is a cryptic, mysterious, laid back girl and always seen smiling. She loathes people with powers because she thinks that they are failures to everything they try.

    Major Story Arcs

    Kumagawa Incident Arc

    Ajimu explaining to Zenkichi
    Ajimu explaining to Zenkichi

    In this Story Arc, when Zenkichi sacrificed himself to kill Kumagawa he waked up in a classroom he's familiar with but not of Hakoniwa Academy. While he wonders where he is, Ajimu calls out from behind him, Zenkichi turns around and found a girl sitting with her shoes labeled Ajimu. Ajimu began telling stories to Zenkichi, saying that she didn't kill Kumagawa either. She continues to explain that Kumagawa's power All Fiction is interconnected or interacts with the Law of Causality and due to it he cannot die. Because of this, Zenkichi thought that he died but Ajimu corrected him saying that his heart stopped due to the shock from his injuries thus taking his consciousness away. She also tells Zenkichi that every time Kumagawa dies he meets her inside her heart. Ajimu restored Zenkichi's eyesight which is actually Ajimu's skill called Parasite Seeing and told him to come back after the competition is done.

    Along in the dream classroom, Ajimu is seen before Kumagawa who is beaten and full of blood. Ajimu suggests that they continue their game until Kumagawa will change his mind to get his original Minus (Power) back but refuses telling her that he could beat her quadrillion skills with his All Fiction. After his speech, Kumagawa makes to leave but Ajimu kisses him giving back his original Minus in return of the All Fiction. She then tells him that she's just an even girl that helps two sides of the fight.

    Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc

    In this Story Arc, while everyone is gathering at the student council headquarters, Kumagawa warns everyone of the arrival of the Not Equals, saying that they should get all the help they can to fight whatever scheme they are planning. Ajimu suddenly appears behind Kumagawa and denies the schemes Kumagawa have said. She then reveals that she is immortal and the creator of the Flask Plan, a chemical method that can turn any Humans into Abnormals. Zenkichi thinks that Ajimu's visitation is her way of declaring war but again she denies it. She said that she doesn't want to fight Medaka because she's too strong. She later on revealed that she shall wait until Medaka graduates to restart the Flask Plan.

    Ajimu on Zenkichi's shoulders.
    Ajimu on Zenkichi's shoulders.

    When the student council have selected five candidates, Ajimu appears out of nowhere and on Zenkichi's shoulders. Ajimu claims proudly of their effort to stop her plans and reveals that one of the five is a Not Equals. She then makes to leave and stands on the roof of a building looking at everything that has changed since the last time she has been here in Hakoniwa Academy. Five candidates have gathered behind her and tell her that none of them were revealed as Not Equals. One candidate, Takarabe asks to talk to Kumagawa thoroughly and Ajimu allows her. On the other hand, Kumagawa defeated the candidate council then Ajimu teleports behind him and says that he has acquired far worth more than a victory of having the panties of a junior high school girl.

    Ajimu visits the student council while they were busy doing a treasure hunting but Medaka makes her reveal herself. Ajimu asked Medaka to move somewhere else so that Zenkichi won't be able to hear their conversation. Medaka suggested that they should expose themselves and have a heart to heart talk but Ajimu is not liking the idea. Ajimu then revealed that she sent 600 junior high school students at the candidate selection but Medaka didn't care for she still wants to educate them. Medaka asks Ajimu how many Not Equals are there and she said that there are 700,000,000 people but 60 of them are not considered to be. Medaka was baffled as to why didn't Ajimu send the 700 million Not Equals after her but Ajimu said that they could be defeated easily by Medaka. She then teleports to a distraught Zenkichi and she explains why she sent those five normals was to replace Zenkichi in Medaka's heart. She convinces him that being Medaka's enemy will make him more closer to Medaka. Ajimu wants Zenkichi to become the main character in the Flask Plan and he refuses she will send women to chase for. Zenkichi agrees but doubtful that he'll win over Medaka but Ajimu reassures him by saying that Medaka has a weakness, it was that she killed her father.

    Later on, Ajimu conducts a Safe Plan meeting and reviews that there are three forces going against each other. She was asked about Kumagawa's power on how he regained it, Ajimu replied by stating that All Fiction is a revised version of Hundred Gauntlets. She also reveals in the meeting that Hanten Shiranui, her partner, has a skill that can create another skill and Zenkichi can choose any skill he wants to have but when Zenkichi told her she immediately said that he's absolutely insane. With this, she kissed Zenkichi and Mukae to send them together in her dream world. In her dream world, there is one challenge you need to face: defeat Ajimu. Both Zenkichi and Mukae attacks Ajimu but she easily dodges them all with ease and picture perfect poses. While fighting, she asks Zenkichi what it means to him defeating Medaka but Zenkichi confesses that he loves Medaka and that made them stopped fighting and Ajimu breaks the 4th wall stating that this bad battle manga will become a bad love comedy and declares that she'll finish the manga before the Anime starts. Ajimu was later on seen at the festival, watching Medaka and the student body fighting in Tug of War. She was surprised that Medaka took on all of the student body thus claiming her strength to be great.

    Jet Black Bride Arc

    Ajimu and Hanten being freed by Medaka
    Ajimu and Hanten being freed by Medaka

    In this Story Arc, Medaka gathers teammate to fight with against her suitors she chooses one of her teammate to be Ajimu. As Medaka prepares to fight her suitors, Ajimu stopped her and the others telling that she should go fight first. Ajimu easily defeated the six of the suitors using 600 of her skills which she unintentionally didn't want to use that she meant to use only 459 skills. She then confronted Udou demanding to let the real suitors fight them. Medaka asks her that she wouldn't need to step in to fight pointless battles but Ajimu was only doing this just to troll Medaka. When the real suitors arrived and said that they plan to continue the Jet Black Wedding Feast, Ajimu points out that Medaka can still participate for little reasons but Ajimus was then sealed into a card by the smallest suitor. Being sealed which she enjoyed for a little while she suddenly remembers the training she has with Zenkichi and decided to find a way out of the card. Once escaped, Ajimu prepares to end everything but Medaka stopped her. Medaka then laid out the rules of the game to them and Ajimu berates Wanizuka for not remembering the rule sproperly. Ajimu observes the room and by that Momozono can attack Medaka directly to where she's at but Ajimu was surprised when Medaka leaves the room. This behavior of Medaka occurs often and Ajimu have noticed it and wondered what her plan is. Momozono then explained to Ajimu that Medaka's plan is to force her suitors to surrender by manipulating the entire audience not to use the necessary syllables.

    Unknown Shiranui Arc

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    In her appearance in this Story Arc, Ajimu drives a jeep together with Medaka, Zenkichi, and Kumagawa. While driving, she made an emergency stop avoiding Kairai. Kairai pulls out a revolver but Ajimu defeated him, once again, by using her Hundred Gun skill. Since the terrain is not applicable for the jeep they continue their journey by walking on foot. While walking they encountered a three way path and Kairai commented that he can see why his lady lost to Medaka but Ajimu defended her by saying that Medaka grew stronger than before because of the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Then they encountered the Gate Guardians Doppelgängers. They fought with their doppelgängers and Ajimu is seen smiling with the difficulty her opponent is giving her, meaning that the opponent is nowhere her level. They switched opponents and she fought Medaka's doppelgänger and the group won easily. After their fight, Obi appears and introduced her self to the group. She then explained the next game, and that is tag. While walking through the village to go to Shiranui's Mansion Ajimu asks Obi if the Shiranui family are protecting the Kurokami family, Obi answered that the Shiranui family/village is protecting the world. While she has the power to foresee the future she played fair and did not use it at all. When Medaka was asked and answers the right information the group then heads on to Shiranui Mansion. The group was then reunited with Hanten but Ajimu notices Obi leaving. She stayed quiet while the others talk to Hanten, and when Iihiko (first person Ajimu cannot win against) arrives she is surprised. She told the others to run and that she could only hold him off for about 15 seconds. Iihiko greets her and Ajimu addresses him by telling that she doesn't want to be call Anshin'in. Iihiko then counterattacks Zenkichi and that shocked Medaka but she was calmed by Ajimu telling her the Zenkichi survived it. Iihiko then attacks Kumagawa but defeated. Ajimu again tell Medaka to run but Medaka's insisting that she should stay and due to this Ajimu tells her history with Iihiko. When Medaka escapes, thought that the other rescued her enemies, as well as her friends. Iihiko, taunting his weapon (rubber band) Ajimu claims that he hasn't changed a bit and it makes her distaste clear. Iihiko tells Ajimu that he grew bored fighting her and he lets her live if she will capture the group that just escaped. Ajimu refues immediately and activated her several of her skills. Iihiko then throws the rubber band and slashed Ajimu to half. Her absence was confirmed by Hanten.

    Ajimu defeated by Iihiko
    Ajimu defeated by Iihiko

    Ajimu then meets Kumagawa on her dream world, in her dream classroom but Ajimu said that he only sees a recording. She tells Kumagawa that she left him some inheritance and that is she wanted to give him all of her skills but unfortunately he can only use two: The Hundred Gauntlets which will stop the worsening of the All Fiction and the other one is a surprised skill which later on revealed to be 'Unskilled'. Kumagawa picks the Unskilled, and after he picked it Ajimu destroyed the other skill.

    Powers and Abilities

    Complete Arsenal

    Complete Arsenal is a form or expression of Omnipotence. Ajimu possesses 12,852,051,967,633,867 total number or abilities, powers that have been created and those powers that are yet to be. In the manga she only demonstrated 817 of her skills, rendering her to be holding back and not uses all of the skills against Iihiko. She can add or mix up any of the abilities since the user of this power has a total mastery over it. Both her and Hanten has the similar power except that Ajimu's have the possible and the impossible abilities created. Her possession of powers can still add up if she wants to create a new one. She could be considered to be an Omnipotent being,but due to Iihiko's encounter it is still unclear,although she has Complete Arsenal which is an Omnipotent Power.

    Ajimu using (few of) her powers
    Ajimu using (few of) her powers

    Among her powers are the following:

    Parasite Seeing, ability to see what others are seeing through their own eyes.

    Hundred Gauntlets, similar to All Fiction but this one reverses the Law of Causality.

    Lip Service, by kissing the person, Ajimu can transfer or switching abilities.

    Alibi Block, Omnipresence.

    Dead Lock, Immortality.

    Life Zero, ability to nullify any skill.

    Standing Ovation, negation of Parasite Seeing.

    Mirror Juvenile, ability to appear in one's vision or dream.

    Five Forks, ability to bestow diseases by clawing them. (Not shown but given to Aoki Aka)

    Door to Door, ability to travel through time. Ajimu uses this to travel her and others to her dream world.

    Give Up-Down, ability to cling onto high ceilings even upside down.

    Count Up, ability to count every large amount of numbers. Ajimu uses this to count (do the math) her skills.

    Spec Over, ability to become God.

    Infinity Quest, ability to control the infinite.

    Meta Teleportation

    She has the ability to teleport any where at anytime.


    Ajimu is what the people in Hakoniwa refer to as the perfect being, having all the expertise in her 12,852,051,967,633,867 abilities she is able to show Perfection in all the existing aspects. Generally speaking, they are omnipotent and has a major role in their universe.

    Media Appearances

    Medaka Box Season 1

    Ajimu portrayed in Anime Series
    Ajimu portrayed in Anime Series

    Ajimu forst appeared on the last episode of Medaka Box Season 1, titled This Is The End! but only as a flashback when Zenkichi remembers Medaka in War God Mode, when she was at Hakobune Middle school after witnessing Kumagawa attacking Ajimu.


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