Character » Nail appears in 67 issues.

    Nail is Namek's greatest fighter and protector of Elder Guru. Nail morphed with Piccolo to fight Freeza.

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    Nail is a Namekian warrior possessing great strength and has the role of guarding the Elder Guru the father of of the Namekians. Proving nail to be the greatest fighter on Namek. Nail helps the Z-fighters on their quest to find the Namekian Dragonballs and fighting Lord Frieza. Nail fights to defend the Guru against Lord Freiza. After being beaten the first time by Frieza, Nail morphs with Piccolo using sync with Nail.

    Techniques And Special Abilities

    • Flight - Can fly with the usage of ki.
    • Ki Sense - Can sense the power of other ki users as well as their nature of good and evil.
    • Ki Blast - An energy projectile he sends directly from his hands.
    • Full Power Wave - A massive amount of energy projected from his hands.
    • Continuous Energy Wave - A massive amount of energy projectiles shot at rapid speeds.
    • Super Explosive Wave - Nails most powerful ki blast.
    • Mystic Flasher - A yellow energy projectile.
    • Mystic Attack - Nail can stretch his body parts like other Namekians.
    • Fusion
    • Super Strength - 70 tons.

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