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Naif is from Saudi Arabia, he is a former expert in international espionage. Naif was married to a lovely wife, Shiya, and had two children, however his happiness with them wouldn't last, for they were killed by a metahuman operative named Wolfwood, in which caused Naif's hatred towards metahumans. Vera Black , an old friend of his, requested Naif to join her team, the Justice League Elite, hoping that his hatred towards metahumans would keep the team in check. It took time untile he finally agreed to join the team.

Major Story Arcs

Justice League Elite

Naif Al-Sheikh joins the Justice League Elite as there liaison to the powers that be. But during the teams first mission things go wrong, and while cut off from the team, President Baht is killed. Naif wants answers and with the help of the JLA he is inform the president was killed by Wolfwood. Naif doesn't truly believe this but does not argue the issue that this point.

The Aftermath

Coldcast comes to Naif and Vera Black with intel that his drug dealing brother is working with alien gangs and asks the Justice League Elite to step in and help. Naif debriefs the team on what Coldcast's brother is really selling and sends half the team in undercover. After the team has a run in with the the JSA, Naif receives a note saying "Who do you trust?". The sender of the note is never revealed but it causes Naif to look at his teammates once again.

Before he can look deeply his undercover team is taken off scanners and off world. He orders the other half to track them down and bring them home. While alone, Naif then order the body of President Baht to be sent to his personal lab.


While in his personal lab, Naif learns the true killer of President Baht was Coldcast not Wolfwood. He then calls the JLA to make the arrest of Coldcast.

Eve of Destruction

While it appears that the Justice League Elite is over and finished, Naif packs up the Factory, the teams headquarters. There he finds Dawn and she gives him Manitou Raven's axe, that is not able to pierce a good man's skin, as a gift after Raven's apparent death.

Later when it appears that Manchester Black is back and in control of both Vera Black's body and the Worlogog, Naif goes to the pentagon with a plan to take Black. Just before launching the attack that would kill Vera and Manchester Naif is visited by the spirit of Raven. Raven begs for Naif to think of Vera and the team. Naif pauses and then destroys the satellites that would be used to kill Vera. He is taken to jail for doing this.

Later Vera is cured of Manchester's influence and the Justice League Elite is disbanded. Vera picks Naif up from jail and takes him to meet some "Good People".


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