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    Mai Miyazaki was originally a Japanese environmentalist until she was killed in an oil disaster. Her spirit was formed into a Water Elemental called Naiad which was fueled by her anger when she died.

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    Mai believed in direct action as a way to promote her radical environmentalism. Sailing her boat, Naiad, into the storm-swept north Pacific to call attention to a leaking oil rig being abandoned by Shotgun Oil was something she saw as her environmental duty. The rig's director ordered a crewman to fire a flare into the oily waters around Mai's boat, engulfing it in flames. Horribly burned, Mai jumped overboard. However, Earth's spirit, Maya offered Mai a chance of life as the planet's Water Elemental, Naiad.

    Elemental War

    Naiad vs Swamp Thing
    Naiad vs Swamp Thing

    Transformed into a living wall of water, Naiad swept over the oil rig, sparking the first Elemental war when Firestorm, the Nuclear Man - then Earth's Fire Elemental, flew to the site to investigate. The epic conflict grew to involve the Red Tornado and Swamp Thing (Air and Earth Elementals respectively), before Maya convinced the Earth elementals to leave her human children alone.

    Naiad rained destructively down on Shogun oil once more, but was stopped by the Spectre and Superman. Naiad then battled Corona, Earth's newest Fire Elemental, before Aquaman convinced the forces of nature to make peace with one another.

    Brightest Day: The Dark Things

    For more information see : The Dark Things

    Naiad is effected by the Starheart's powers and goes mad. She is stopped by Kara, the Supergirl of Earth and Dick Grayson, as temporary Batman.

    Later, with the Starheart under control Alan Scott invites Naiad to the city he created on the moon, and she uses her powers to create a great lake for the merfolk to live in. (Note she is not seen doing this, Alan just tells Obsidian that she is doing it)


    Complete mastery over water in all its forms, Connection to the Parliament of Waves and the Morphogenic field phenomena called The Clear.


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