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The Naglfar Armada consists of the countless soulless shells belonging to various gods pertaining to countless different religious factions across the universe and beyond whom died during their habitual end of day's scenario. While the spirits of the holy and sanctified eventually found rebirth after Ragnarok every time it occurred, the bodies left behind in the wake of their demise would remain. Trapped in the state of perpetual limbo that comes over them after the cold, dark embrace of death's encroachment. These divine cadavers would be carried across the fathomless void of limbo on a Naglfar in constant agony, passive aggressively coveting the warmth and light of life which once graced their lifeless flesh. Bitter and resentful at the land of the living for having what they once had yet can never hold again.


The Naglfar armada was created by writers Cullen Bunn, Penciler & Inker Matteo Lolli and colorists Federico Blee.

Major Story Arcs

After some eons in the making, Loki Laufeyson would manipulate the tapestry of time in order to militarize this faction of restless unliving divinity for his own purposes. He would do so by traversing the distant past in order to commission the Dwarves to fabricate an unholy relic capable of manipulating them.The most reviled, blasphemous and despicable weapon of cosmic destruction ever conceived; the Naglfar Beacon. A horn of Asgardian make enchanted to send out the clarion call that would push a slew of dead carrying vessels across the primordial void. To enable the calling down and bearing their various bludgeons, axes, spears and other such medieval malevolence upon whomever the horn blower sets them upon.

But fearing the power of his own creation the Trickster God had the Beacon cast into the endless looping rivers of history. Hoping that both the Beacon and the conception of its creation would remain lost to the ages. For the longest time this would hold true, until the rise of Gamorra's disavowed sister Nebula.

Asgardians of the Galaxy

While trapped within the God Quarry after Thanos left his allies hanging in the vast empty expanse. His unfavored daughter would bear the trial of the Quarry herself in order to obtain vast amounts of power after overcoming it. Having done so with relative amounts of ease, the Witches of Infinity would inform her of Gamorra; now going by Requiem's deeds which've reached their ear.

Initially at a loss for what to do next, they would then guide the now god powered assassin towards a new objective. One that would enable her to one up both her sister and her hated grandfather in the game of cosmic cataclysm once and for all. After gathering an army of rogue aliens from across the universe to serve as mercenaries, along with forcing an enslaved sect of Dwarves from Nidavellir to fashion her an battle weapon similar in design to Skurge's old weapon of choice.

Nebula would offer the workforce staff of the Dwarven Elder who helped first create and later refurbish the beacon for her in exchange for his life, the lives of his men and clues as to where the item of her eye was located. In preparation for using the armageddon device she sacrificed the head craftsmen's men to the unforgiving depths of space, scant moments after ripping out their fingernails for building her own Naglfar.


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