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Nadia Dornova married Emil Blonsky during his days as an agent of the KGB. After Blonsky was transformed into the Abomination, Nadia believed him to be dead and focused on her career as an actress, resuming her maiden name.

The Abomination eventually sought Nadia out, still in love with her, and attempted to reclaim her by bringing her down into the sewers where he was living. However, Hulk kept him from revealing what he had become to her at that time, and had him return her to the surface.

Nadia eventually learned who the Abomination was, and found she was conflicted by her love, hate and fear for the man who had been her husband. On one occasion, she was held captive by an organization which attempted to force the Abomination to retrieve a nuclear submarine, but she was set free by Triton and Andromeda, allies of the Sub-Mariner

Major Story Arcs


Nadia agreed to assist the Home Base conspiracy in luring Bruce Banner into a trap in return for the release of the Abomination from government custody. She took up ownership of a truck stop and ranch near the Abomination's holding facility, set Banner free, and seduced him. Nadia ultimately found that she could not turn him over to Home Base, and confessed to him what she had done. When the Abomination was released, he went into battle with the Hulk again and seemingly perished before Nadia's eyes.

Split Decision

Nadia later took in agent S-3, who had been injured by the Abomination during his escape from the government. S-3 proved to be Betty Banner, and she assisted Nadia against the Krills sent to capture blood samples from the Hulk. Nadia has feelings for Bruce Banner, and Betty's return has proved to be a complication in their relationship.

Continuity Errors

When originally introduced in Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 by Peter David, Nadia Dornova was in a very loving relationship with Emil Blonsky. He admired her stage acting, claiming her to be "the greatest actress of our generation". When he transformed into Abomination, she was told that he died "on some sort of state business." She would eventually come to America to further her acting career, completely unaware of his condition.

During the events of Incredible Hulk Vol. 3, Bruce Jones would seemingly disregard all of what was already established. In the Dark Minds, Dark Hearts story line, Nadia's backstory as an actress is seemingly non existent. The love between Emil and Nadia also gone as the story portrays him as a merciless wife beater. Nadia states that the whole reason she came to America was to get revenge on Emil.

Much of Vol. 3 would be retconned by Peter David however. Near the end of the Tempest Fugit story line, many of the past events within Hulks life (primarily those written by Bruce Jones) would be discovered to be a dream state brought about by Nightmare in an effort to torture the Hulk.


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