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    Secret society dedicated to ruling the world by covertly controlling the world's oceans.

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    N.E.M.O. (Nautical Enforcement of Macrocosmic Order) is a clandestine organization with the objective of secretly rulling the world through control of the oceans. The were founded in 1872 and they have achieved functional control of the seas in 1983.


    N.E.M.O. was created by Aquaman writer Dan Abnett.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Drowning

    N.E.M.O. first appear in Aquaman during DC Rebirth and they free Black Manta from an armored escort, after he was defeated by Aquaman in the attack on Spindrift Station. After some negotiation with Black Jack he agrees to meet with the leader of N.E.M.O.

    Using one of N.E.M.O's highly advanced Albatross Stealth Planes they travel to Antarctica where Black Manta meets the Fisher King, leader of N.E.M.O. The Fisher King tries to convince Manta to join N.E.M.O. as an agent but without having any say to the plans and agenda of the organization. Black Manta dissagrees and quickly murders the surprised Fisher King, immediately declaring himself as the new leader of N.E.M.O. and seizing control of the organization.

    It is revealed that N.E.M.O. under Fisher King's leadership are responsible for attacking the USS Ponchartrain trying to frame Aquaman and Atlantis.

    Black Manta solidifies his control over the organization in a meeting of the leadership in Venice, where he eliminates any opposition with the help of his new second in command Black Jack. N.E.M.O. now moves to announce themeselves to the world as a global power, taking the first steps in eliminating Atlantis and Aquaman before he can find out N.E.M.O.'s agenda.

    Resources & Equipment

    • N.E.M.O. are extremely rich having achieved functional control of the oceans and trade over seas since 1983.
    • They possess advanced technology and weapons such as energy rifles.
    • Their main base of operations is a secret location in Antarctica.
    • They have Albatross Stealth Planes that can stay airborne for weeks.
    • They employ trained agents who wear a red uniform with golden masks and can carry on missions such as extracting a prisoner from an armored escort.
    • They employ the services of some of DC's most prominent super scientists such as Dr. Ivo, although they don't know they work for N.E.M.O.

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