Mythos: Fantastic Four #1

    Mythos: Fantastic Four » Mythos: Fantastic Four #1 released by Marvel on December 2007.

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    The prestigious Mythos format returns as we find out how Marvel’s First Family became the team they are today! Paul Jenkins tells the tale while Paolo Rivera delivers the beautiful fully painted origin of the FANTASTIC FOUR!

    The group, before they were known as the Fantastic Four, are at a meeting to recount what happened. The point of this session was to decide whether the public would be safe for the public.

    Reed Richards recounts the beginnings, saying that it started at breakfast. Ben Grimm was serving eggs as Sue Storm comments on the eggs, asking if they really were eggs. Meanwhile, Johnny Storm is outside having fun with the spacesuit. Inside, Grimm comments on how Johnny is going to get himself killed, and asks about the solar storm. He also wonders about their communication systems, hoping they will not get knocked out. Reed, in his science talk, talks about how it is highly unlikely that it would happen. Grimm is still unconvinced as he comments on the equipment being quite sensitive, and the fact that the Russians wouldn’t be too happy if they destroyed it all.

    At the meeting, Congressman Sen Buntz questions where Johnny was, and asks him if he was outside. Johnny confirms that. Another congressman asks if he was doing a maintenance check, and Johnny uneasily asks if he gets to plead the fifth amendment.

    Outside the spaceship, Johnny was out having fun with the spacesuit rather than doing maintenance checks. In the spaceship, Sue calls for Johnny, but says that he turned his intercom off. He asks Grimm if he could bring him inside himself. Grimm asks him to come inside, but Johnny says he can’t hear him. Inside, Sue says that the sensor is acting up. Reed says that that can’t be right as the solar storm is meant to happen tomorrow. Outside, Grimm is getting audio interference. It turns out that Johnny didn’t turn off his intercom in the first place – it was rather the solar storm causing this interference. Grimm realises what is happening and rush to get inside, while Reed tells them to enter the escape shuttle rather than the main body of the ship. Johnny sees the solar storm and is awe. Their intercoms buzz of interference. Reed opens up the outer bay doors to the escape shuttle as Grimm is struggling to reel Johnny in with him. But it’s too late as the solar storm destroys the ship. Each of them has their own thoughts while this is happening. Sue wishes she could make herself disappear, Reed wishes she could reach for Sue, Grimm was angry because he didn’t want to die like this, and Johnny thought was hot.

    At the control station, they lose contact with them, and see the escape shuttle from the sky. Everything is in a rush as emergency teams tend to the injured four. The radiation team survey the area and one comments on the amount of radiation in there, as shown by the Geiger counter.

    Back at the meeting, one congressman asks that if the reactor was compromised, wouldn’t one of them have to pilot the ship manually before switching the autopilot? He also asks whether they could have preserved the research material or not. Sue interjects, and explains that if they stayed there, they would have died, and asks them to show them the alpha and theta waves as they themselves had not predicted it. If they could, they would have escaped immediately, or would have been prepared. The congresswoman interjects, asking them how they had piloted the ship of everybody was unconscious. Reed explains that they simply don’t know, and that they don’t know what happened up there.

    It cuts back to a flashback, and all of them are at the hospital, with Sue and Reed watching over Grimm, who seems to be in an intense state. Reed feels that it’s all his fault, as he had miscalculated, but Sue disagrees, saying that he can’t predict the future, even with a brilliant mind like that. Meanwhile, Johnny is experiencing his powers, as the nurse comments on the thermometer and how it’s broken. In another room, Grimm wakes up and gets into a rage and sees himself. Sue disappears, Reed’s arms stretch and Johnny has flames produced near on his face. Grimm, in a rage, destroys the hospital equipment in a rage. Grimm pushes Reed away, and almost gets crushed by the hospital equipment, but is saved. Reed asks if that’s Sue, and uses his hand to feel for her. Sue says that “that’s not my arm”. Grimm, in a confused state, asks what’s happened to his skin when Johnny flies in with flames all over him.

    At the meeting, a congresswoman comments that Grimm had not been able to reform and wonders if that is a safety concern for the public. Reed says that she has always known him to be a man of his word and promises to use these abilities for good. The congresswoman questions if that doesn’t happen, and Reed replies that he will attempt to address the situation, and adds that they shouldn’t be treated differently, as they have had no criminal records. Sue asks Reed what’s going to happen, and Reed isn’t too sure. As they make their way to the lobby, Reed says that he’s purchased the old Baxter building and asks Sue if she would like to join him. Johnny agrees, and so does Grimm, much like family. As they exit the building, Johnny sings We Are Family and Grimm tells him to shut up.


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    Marvel has taken to task publishing new books of classic origins like Spider-Man and the Hulk. In this issue, the first family of the Marvel is the subject. Fans get to read the circumstances surrounding where the Fantastic Four got their powers and the fear the public expressed when they returned home from that illustrious space walk. Rivera and Jenkins have proven that old stories never really get old. Rivera makes another full-painted issue look like a gallery of Norman Rockwell-meets-NASA ar...

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