Mystique; what are her overall motives?

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A mother can dream
A mother can dream
Well I'm back after a long hiatus mainly from lack of ideas but I'm back for how long who knows. Well just as my title states my query is about Raven "Mystique" "Mystinky" Darkholmes and I'm questioning the things she's been doing ever since well since she took in Rogue maybe not even then maybe as far back as the Kurt Abandonment thing. It's like when ever Mystique is doing anything really outrageous or just nuts she claims its always for her family's benefit like she's doing them a favor by killing, poisoning, or just bullying anyone they come into contact. It's really annoying she remembers something Destiny said or wrote and she runs out there and tries to half-ass fix it, but then It's like Mystique do you ever stop think that all the problems and doom and gloom Destiny predicts you're the cause behind all of it I mean odds are thats how most future predictions work, unless you're from the future and then that's your cue to change it so unless you have access to a time machine you really should just sit down let what happens happen and do what you can.  
"Now..that I've learn to corrupt them at young ages"

All the lying and tricks you do just complicate things and then this whole thing and stalking Wolverine further constrews her character. Does the feral look turn her on enough for her to acutally stalk him in almost all his series and for that matter how did she get lumped in with Wolverine last I checked they're as much as acquaintaned as she is with Magneto (not very). And what really kills me about Mystique and all her dastardly deeds for unproven prophecies is when fans want answers she (and writers) finds that it's so easier just for her to keep saying I have my reasons and disappear into character limbo until another Marvel resident starts to act out of character or she finds potential in an X-Missions that can be plundered for her agenda. One things for sure Mystique still hasn't brought her reign of "you did its, your ideaology will never work and looks where it leads my son, or an occasional Rogue come back to me " so it's pretty clear this will give her an excuse to keep close to her Destiny-prophecy-fulfilled watch. Speaking of which it has been stated by one of the writers that she still hasn't forgot about Necrosha and with Selene not around for her to try and torture we could be looking at a Hellfire club revenge tatic, Emma and Shaw hired her and brought her in this crazy world of X they're just as responsible.
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I Wanna have a movie features the Lesbian Romance between her and Destiny, especially after see the new Chaos War: X-men XD.

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