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    This is a five-issue adventure comic from Steve Niles and Fiona Staples.

    Mystery Society #1 Review

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     Check out Kevin's review for Mystery Society #1  

    Searching for a purpose in life is a difficult thing. Finding someone to share a bond with in life is an equally daunting task. That's one thing Nick Hammond and Anastasia Collins have, a very special bond. Something that this husband and wife share with each other within their exclusive Mystery Society.

    Reporters for GNN, Tom Thomas and Jessica Finch introduce co-founder of the Mystery Society, Nick Hammond. He is being escorted to Hover maximum security prison to be sentenced for a string of charges. Ranging from breaking and entering to grave robbery. But before the charismatic Nick Hammond starts his stint, he breaks his long silence to the press and feeds into the media pandemonium and shares some of the secrets that his Mystery Society holds.    

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