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Billy Bounce: Detective
Billy Bounce: Detective

Mystery Men Comics is a comic filled with many different types of adventure stories. The first is a Superhero story lasting nine pages. The Green Mask takes on the mob who are killing people to make money on insurance policies.

The second story is a seven page origin story of Rex Dexter Space Adventurer. Who goes to earth and saves it from complete destruction from Boris Thorax. It sets up a lot of minor characters who are bound to show up in the later issues.

The third story is only two pages. It is a comical detective story about a young boy named Billy Bounce who sets out to be a great detective but gets himself in trouble in the process. This is done very much like a Saturday Morning newspaper comic.

The fourth story is a five page story based very much on the Dr. Fu Manchu character. It is about the Master Mind Chen Chang who wants to destroy the "White Faces" and is set at odds with Richard Kendall who becomes a detective and tries to stop him.

Wing Turner Air Detective
Wing Turner Air Detective

The fifth story is only three pages. It is about an aviator named Wing Turner. Wing is used as a decoy to find some old fashioned smugglers who are equipped with sophisticated weapons like a Death Beam.

The sixth story is only one page and is more of a mini biography of Barney Ruditsky. Ruditsky was a real life police detective during prohibition. He tells the story of a gunfight he was in during that time.

The seventh story is four pages and it is about Zanzibar the Magician. His friend is killed in a ruse to capture Zanzibar and use him to rip off a bank. After the job the mob tries to dispose of him.

The Waco Kid and Flash
The Waco Kid and Flash

The eighth story is a spoof on Sherlock Holmes. It is a four page story of Hemlock Shomes and Potsam. They are very silly characters who are drawn very similar to a Mad Magazine style of art. The two set off to solve the murder of Elmer T. Tintype.

The ninth story is not even a comic. It is a two paged type story with only one panel. It is a story of some kids and a haunted house. The story is even called the Haunted House.

The tenth story is a four page western about the Waco Kid. The Waco Kid and his horse Flash find a wounded man who was shot by the Brazos Teale Gang. He finds out that the gang has taken over the town of Gun Hollow and he goes to stop the outlaws.

On to the eleventh story is a four page detective story with the main hero Inspector Bancroft. Bancroft is searching for a bomber who turns out to be a madman who is set out to destroy Parliament. The Bomber turns out to be none other than Stuart Bledsoe.

The Original Blue Beetle
The Original Blue Beetle

The twelfth and easily the most famous story is the legendary Blue Beetle story. The four page Blue Beetle story is seen with a Blue Beetle in a fedora and looking very much like the Green Hornet. He has a bunch of Blue Beetle gimmicks like Blue Beetle Bugs and Blue Beetle Wireless Phone. This Blue Beetle is more like the Ted Kord version than even the Dan Garrett (tt's) that came later. It is an incredibly unique point in the Blue Beetle saga.

The thirteenth story is six pages long. It is a James Bond style story about Secret Agent D-13. He stops some spies near the Panama Canal.

The fourteenth story is a three page military adventure. Denny Scott is a Captain of the Bengal Lancers. In this adventure he and his men are sent out to stop some bandits.

The fifteenth and last story is a six pager. It is about a navel officer only mentioned as Lieutenant Drake he portrays himself as a detective. As such he finds some saboteurs and brings them to justice.

Comic Note

This is the first appearance of many big time heroes like the Green Mask, Rex Dexter, Zanzibar the Magician and very first Blue Beetle.


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The Blue Beetle Stars Here! 0

The Original Blue Beetle This book is over 70 years old and has 64 pages and 15 different stories.  It is also the first appearance of one of my all time favorite characters  The Blue Beetle.  That is right.  Blue Beetle came out the same year as Batman and Superman.  So pick up a book once in a while.    This book is awesome.  You get to see the Green Mask stop criminals using a victrola and records criminals to be used in cort.  That's right a damn victrola.  (Look it up).  Then you have Rex ...

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