Mystery Machine

    Object » Mystery Machine appears in 363 issues.

    The classic mobile headquarters of Scooby Doo and Mystery, Inc.

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    Mystery Machine was voted top fictional vehicle of all time by a 2006 poll conducted by Toys R Us.

    The Mystery Machine was originally a 1968 Chevy van, lisence plate AC 712. This lisence number from the original show only appeared once, in a 1979 Scooby/Scrappy episode "The Neon Phantom of the Roller Disco".

    Since then its depictions have mutated somewhat so that currently it has the front of a VW bus, the body of a Citroen Camionette, the rear of a Chevrolet van and a misplaced engine.

    Nevertheless the Mystery Machine is a unique vehicle well suited for the transient lifestyle of our hapless investigators. It has two racks on the roof to carry oversized items, a removable couch-like back seat that can fit three people, and a large enough workspace in the back to carry Velma's radar device, Fred and Daphne's computer and broadcasting gear, sleeping areas and food and drink.

    Its funky flower design is sure to garner attention and help reduce the stress on those cold dark nights during an investigation.

    The Mystery Machine got its name from its original owners, a pop band calling itself "The Mystery Kids", an old child band.

    Daphne Blake's father is a wealthy businessman and it is his money given to Daphne that lets the Scooby Gang travel around and gives the gang the privilege of using the Mystery Machine, boats, wireless radios and other devices.


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