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Anybody else lovin' this latest miniseries by famed Cosmic Epic guru, writer Jim Starlin? If not, you need to go pick up the back issues. They're worth it!

A relatively new artist, Shane Davis [Batman Annual 25] is hitting his creative stride in this miniseries with inking chores being performed by Mr Awesom, himself, Matt Banning!

Also, each issue has a back up story written and drawn by the famous GEMENI [Jim starlin & Al Milgrom]involving the Weird [created by Jim Starlin & Bernie Wrightson].

The two storylines in each issue are obviously related to one another, but come next month, the final installment in the 8 issue miniseries hits the stands, and the two plotlines merge into one great big, whopper of a story!

I haven't been this anxious for a new issue since finishing Infinity Gauntlet #5 and waiting on #6 [the last one] to hit the stands!

Good read, good art, thick book for great value. How can you lose??

Get it now!

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