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Copper, copper, everywhere

The first story here is one of the typical ones for this series, where a human has to put Earth back together (literally) after two warring factions have divided it.  Bad science, but the resolution of the story was nice enough.  The second story has to do with the resolution of a dispute between Earthlings and Martians, and though the resolution is a weird one it is still handled well enough.  The next page is on Edward C. Pickering.  In the next story Space Cabbie joins the Meteor Sweepers, after he loses his cab while it is parked on a meteor.  A fact page then looks at Bode's Law.  The last story deals with a planet full of robots who entrap two unsuspecting visitors.  Again there is a bit of wacky science in this one, but here the story doesn't really resolve all that well.  Overall though a decent enough issue for this series.  

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