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Swing low

The string of silliness continues at the beginning of this issue.  I can understand if they get the principles of science wrong (which they do with an alien talking in outer space), but here they can't even portray a chain gang accurately.  The second story raises an interesting point which was not really the point of the story, that being would diamonds be worth as much if you could find them everywhere?  The story follows an interplanetary prospector as he makes his way around the solar system finding deposits of certain materials (platinum is maybe possible, diamond less so, but no idea how he found petroleum, then he finds polarium which is described in a way that doesn't make much sense.)  A group of thieves follow him around and steal from him, but eventually there is a resolution which provides a kind of moral to the story.  A Giants of the Telescope page focuses on Cassini.  The next story is actually a little better and deals with a moral dilemma as an Earthman on Mars is treated as a freak.  Next is another information page on stars and then a fact sheet on mysteries of space which appears to not be as inaccurate as usual.  In the final story, the now series regular Bert Brandon uncovers a case of insurance fraud (have I mentioned that make an insurance salesman a hero is not that great of an idea.)  Overall the series is hitting a lot of the same notes as it has been recently, though this issue was a little better.  

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