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Wrong turn

The first story here is a bizarre one.  It is about a future Earth that wants a peaceful existence so they banish a scientist that is creating a death ray.  When aliens invade though they communicate with him on the moon through a very weird and impractical way.  Kind of a preposterous story, with a pro-war twist.  The second story is a fairly typical one about invading Martians, though it goes off on a weird tangent that the martians taught us everything we know about science.  The third story takes a step up from preposterous to ludicrous with a story that makes little sense (it is about giant aliens that use our solar system as a plaything.)  There follows a page on mysteries of space and then another on miniature meteors and then another page on Pluto.  The final story deals with a future and greedier mankind that seek to take over an alien paradise planet.  The locals do not resist, but in the end the Earthlings pay the price.  Overall this was a pretty weak episode, the morals of the story were either pointless or kind of stupid.  Not the best offering in the series.

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