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    Dr Thomas Lightner, a mad scientist, was mutated into 3 different beings. Thomas turnned from Blacksun into Nth Man and at last to Mysterium. Dr Thomas Lightner also threatened several beings.

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    Major Story Arcs

    The Construction of the Skycannon

    Raymond Lightner, a mad scientist, constructed a weapon capable of harnessing the power of the stars. He built the device known as the Skycannon. His wife asked Doc Savage and his allies to stop Raymond from harnessing the energy of the stars. Doc Savage eventually defeats Raymond but an accident occured which caused the Skycannon to project a massive energy beam which reflected back on Raymond.

    Dr. Thomas Lightner's mutation

    Years later, his grandson Thomas Lightner found the Skycannon's blueprints and sold off all of the Lightner family's properties to build the Skycannon. He successfully built the Skycannon and tried to use it. Thing and the Human Torch, allied with Doc Savage and several other superhumans, stopped Thomas from using his weapon. However, a mishap happened which caused the Skycannon to generate an energy beam, the same energy beam which Raymond also encountered. The energy beam reflected back onto Thomas which caused the energies of the Skycannon and the energies of Raymond to merge with his own. The Skycannon's energy mutated Thomas and gave him the power of a black hole. He called himself Blacksun. The superheros couldn't stop him because of his vast astral powers. As the energies of the stars were being absorbed into his body, he eventually broke down as his body could no longer withstand the vast energies.

    After being hired by the Nth Command to sabotage Project Pegasus and destroy it. Thomas wanted to use the Nth projector to regain his powers. He eventually uses the Nth projector on himself and allowed the powerful energies of the Nth projector to transform him into the Nth Man. He began to absorb all matter and energy around him until he was stopped by several superhumans, especially the Aquarian.

    Later, the Nth Man reappeared in an unknown dimension and was able to increase his size and powers and completly consumed that dimension's galaxy. The Nth Man continued his absorption of matter and energy until he got bigger and stronger. The Nth Man began to get closer to the sun of Earth-712 as he was expanding. The Squadron Supreme wanted to stop him but failed in many attempts to do so. Eventually, Professor Imam used her telepathic powers and stopped the Nth Man from growing.

    The New Identity

    Thomas Lightner soon grew bored of his current form. A wizard named Benjamin Jones who had great magical powers and talents proposed a deal with Lighter and both of them switched bodies with each other. Thomas still wanted to conquer Earth-712 and used his new magical abilities and cast the Squadron Supreme out of Earth-712 and transported them to Earth-616. Thomas then used his powers to prevent the Squadron Supreme from ever returning back to Earth-712.

    Thomas then got the tittle Wizard Supreme and he used his powers and conquered the world. The Squadron Supreme soon discovered a way to enter Earth-712 and finds out that the Wizard Supreme (or Mysterium) had set up the New World Order. The New World Order now ruled Earth-712.

    Powers and abilities

    Mysterium: Possesses great magical abilities and powers, supposedly on a par with Dr Strange.

    Blacksun: Could absorb heat and light energy and could control gravity as well. Blacksun also had immense strength and durability and could control his own molecular structure and the energies in his own body.

    Nth Man: Able to absorb all types of matter and energy. Nth Man was unstoppable. When he absorbed more matter and energy, he grew bigger and stronger until he was large enough to absorb an entire galaxy. He could also create dimensional portals and continue his further growth and absorption.

    Dr Thomas Lightner: Genius-level intellect


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