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An anthology reprinting popular DC sci-fi comics from 1947-1972.


Spores from Space (reprinted from Mystery in Space #1)

Do Not Open Till Doomsday (reprinted from Strange Adventures #36)

The Unknown Spaceman (reprinted from Mystery in Space #11)

Missing: One Alien (reprinted from Tales of the Unexpected #84)

The Aliens Who Raided New York (reprinted from Strange Adventures #36)

The Strange Experiment of Dr Erdel (reprinted from Detective Comics #225)

The Guardians of the Clockwork Universe (reprinted from Strange Adventures #22)

Escape from Earth (reprinted from Mystery in Space #61)

It's a Woman's World (reprinted from Mystery in Space #8)

Saga of the Secret Sportsmen (reprinted from The Brave and the Bold #47)

The Last Television Broadcast on Earth (reprinted from Mystery in Space #28)

Revolt of the Spaceships! (reprinted from Strange Adventures #112)

The Sky-High Man (reprinted from Mystery in Space #49)

The Counterfeit Earth (reprinted from Mystery in Space #35)

The Mad Planet (reprinted from Mystery in Space #19)

Follow the Space-Leader (reprinted from Mystery in Space #42)

The Case of the Vanishing Robots (reprinted from Strange Adventures #125)

Columbus of Space (reprinted from Real Fact Comics #6)

The Super Planeteers (reprinted from Action Comics #205)

The Rise of the Atomic Knights (reprinted from Strange Adventures #117)

Where is the Paradise of Space (reprinted from Mystery in Space #74)

The Great Plutonium Plot (reprinted from Showcase #15)

Secret of Eternal City (reprinted from Showcase #17)

The Planet That Came to a Standstill (reprinted from Mystery in Space #75)


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