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    Former Femizon and small-time thief, Mysteria uses her 'Mist-Sticks' to generate a thick fog.

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    A thief based out of Las Vegas, Mysteria was invited by Superia to be part of the Femizons. She was first seen aboard the S. S. Superia.


    She was created by Mark Gruenwald and Rik Levins, first appearing in Captain America #387 (July 1991) as part of The Superia Stratagem miniseries.

    Major Story Arcs

    As part of the Femizons, Mysteria participated in the en masse attack on Captain America and Paladin when they were discovered.

    Later on, after Captain America and Black Mamba confronted Superia, Mysteria was sent with Bombshell, Arclight and Wrangler to subdue them. Mysteria's attempts to ambush Cap prove disastrous; the first time Wrangler is thrown into her, causing Mysteria to take out her teammate instead. The second time she created a thick mist and attempted to ambush Captain America again, but he knocked her out with his shield, also causing one of her Mist-Sticks to hit and incapacitate Bombshell. Ultimately, Superia's machinations failed, and the Femizons--including Mysteria--went their own ways.

    Mysteria's subsequent activities remain unknown. She was mentioned, however, by Vagabond, who pretended to be Lisa Winters, the alleged sister of Mysteria, as her cover story to join the Scourge organization.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mysteria has no super powers. The appearance of powers were completely dependent upon her equipment, described below.

    Equipment and Weapons

    Through the use of her Mist-Sticks, Mysteria could release a thick fog that not only obscured vision, but also lacked oxygen, thus suffocating those trapped within it. Her Mist-Sticks can also release a powerful electric charge which cause temporary paralysis. Her costume has the appearance of being padded or re-enforced, but there has been no source material to substantiate whether or not Mysteria's costume affords her any protection.


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