Team » Mys-Tech appears in 95 issues.

    A secret organisation run by a group of 7 mages who have sold their souls to Mephisto in exchange for power, influence, and immortality.

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    In the year 987, seven mages summoned the demon Mephisto and sold him their souls in exchange for power, influence, and immortality.

    The Mys-Tech board operates in the open as a respected multi-national corporation, but use the Museum of Pagan Antiquities in London, England to practice the dark arts.

    The Mys-Tech board consisted of Algernon Crowe, Bronwen Gryffn, Ranulph Haldane, Porlock, Eadmund Rathcoole, Gudrun Tyburn and Ormond Wychwood.

    Former affiliates include: The Warheads, Oonagh Mullarkey, Killpower, Black Axe and Hell's Angel (now Dark Angel).

    The Mys-Tech board has been a thorn in the side of virtually every Marvel UK hero, most notably Dark Angel, who was formerly affiliated with Mys-Tech until she witnessed her father Ranulph Haldane's death at the hands of Mephisto, and the team Dark Guard who are dedicated to the destruction of Mys-Tech.

    Mys-Tech also is responsible for the creation of such entities as the Psycho Warriors and the Anti-Being.

    The members of the Mys-Tech board would later become the super-villain group the Techno-Wizards.

    As both names Mys-Tech and Techno-Wizards imply, the group uses a combination of technolligy and magic.

    During the Mys-Tech Wars heroes from around the world, and even from different dimensions, including Captain America, Hulk, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, the X-Men, Dark Angel, Death's Head II, Albion, Captain Britain, Motormouth, Cable, Nick Fury, Killpower and the Wyrd Sisters united against Mys-Tech, and successfully stopped them from destroying reality.


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