Myron Feldman

    Character » Myron Feldman appears in 19 issues.

    Therapist and friend of Kenneth Connell, the Star Brand of the New Universe.

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    Character Description

    Myron Feldman is a short, nebbishy Jewish therapist. In the Untold Tales of the New Universe: Star Brand, Arden even remarks on how he is essentially a Woody Allen stereotype. He is also a trash-picker, and often grabs random (and hopelessly broken) things out of junk piles, hoping to turn them into something usable. He is a longtime friend of Kenneth Connell, but when Connell asks him for advice about the Star Brand, Myron charges him for each conversation as if it were a therapy session, arguing that if Ken didn't have to pay for it, he wouldn't value his advice. When Ken doesn't have the money, he makes him work it off by doing chores.

    Myron lives in West Mifflin, outside Pittsburgh. One of his therapy clients, Kathy is also his boarder and cleans up the house to pay for her therapy.

    Character History

    Ken turns to Myron for advice soon after he mysteriously gets the Star Brand, a powerful weapon, from an Old Man. Myron is the first person Ken tells about his powers. He believes him about the powers, because Ken shows him, but he is (and always continues to be) suspicious about Ken's story about how he got them; he thinks maybe Ken was hypnotized or something.

    An alien breaks into his house while Ken is there, demanding the Star Brand. Ken and the alien fight, in the process of which the travel some distance. Ken beats it, and Myron finds him and brings him home.

    After Ken has some more adventures and learning moments about the Star Brand, he once again visits Myron. This time Myron has put together a therapy circle with some of his other patients and wants Ken to join, which he only does reluctantly. Myron, trying to help asks the circle to imagine what they would do with a mysterious new super power. Ken is not amused and leaves.

    Ken does continue to rely on Myron for advice. In another instance, Myron tests his powers by whacking him with an axe and burning him with a torch, to no avail.

    Another random therapy session with Ken
    Another random therapy session with Ken

    Later, when Ken has recurring nightmares about a boy he met who died from a terminal disease, Myron refers him to the care of Dr. Lucian Ballad. Unknown to either of them, Ballad works with Nightmask, a paranormal who can psychically enter people's dreams. Nightmask successfully helps Ken get past his issues about the boy.

    Myron finally reaches his breaking point with Ken and his continual problems. he tells Ken he's a shallow loser who mostly uses his power to get girls, intentionally works with people dumber than him so he can feel better about himself, and never really tries to reach his full potential for fear of failure. Ken finally wakes up to his real problems and becomes an overt superhero.

    When Ken accidentally kills thousands of people at a comic book convention soon afterwards, however, Myron advises him to get rid of the Brand. Myron thinks he should go to the moon and transfer it to a barbell, but Ken decides to just do it ten miles in the air. Unfortunately, the Star Brand can't be transferred to inanimate objects, and a tremendous explosion occurs, destroying all of Pittsburgh. Myron is killed in the blast.

    Later, a paranormal named the Witness apparently brings Myron's spirit back to Earth to haunt Ken. Among other things, he causes the now-insane Ken to crash his motorcycle, an event which eventually leads him to die and regenerate with a new, healthy body and mind.


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