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Born and raised in Hub City, Myra Connelly had a child at a young age, and both she and the child were abandoned by the father soon after. Despite this, she went on to university, where she majored in communications. As an adult, she sought employment with KBEL as a production assistant, eventually rising to the position of on-air reporter.


Myra Connelly was created by Dennis O'Neil and Denys Cowan. She made her first appearance in The Question #1.

Major Story Arcs

The Question

Myra Connelly has an occasional relationship with fellow reporter Vic Sage. Following Sage's disappearance she is approached by the Reverend Hatch who uses the life of her mentally handicapped, illegitimate daughter Jackie as a bargaining chip to force her to marry the alcoholic mayor Wesley Fermin. She does so, and leaves her job to live in his mansion, trapped in a loveless marriage.

When the Question returns she helps him escape the mansion, seeking a way out herself. Soon after, Reverend Hatch attempts to sacrifice her daughter, but is prevented by Question. After Hatch is defeated, Myra stabs him in the heart, killing him. Later, she becomes determined to run for mayor, to try to save the city that is falling apart around her.

Through many trials and tribulations she manages to succeed, but finds the victory bittersweet as Hub City continues to deteriorate. She nearly flees the city with Sage and her daughter, but decides at the last moment that she cannot abandon her people. She remains in the city as its mayor.

Powers and Abilities

Myra Connelly has no known superhuman powers or abilities. She is quite intelligent, and a shrewd and tenacious politician and leader.

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