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Myka was once just an ordinary secret service agent doing the normal job of protecting the president until one night she and a fellow agent, one Pete Lattimer, foiled an attack by an Aztec artifact-possessed curator. After this adventure, she and pete were both transferred out west to a place where artifacts, likes the one they had to stop, are held. With the help of Pete, Artie Nielsen and Claudia Donovan, Myka fights to protect the populous from these mystical artifacts to put them in a place called Warehouse 13.


She was created for the tv show Warehouse 13 by writers Deric A. Hughes and Ben Raab. She is played by Joanne Kelly.

In addition to the normal tv show, she appeared a web video in which an artifact transports Pete, Claudia, Artie, and herself into a comic book. This animation was really similar to an actual comic, and foreshadowed the coming Comic book appearances.

She and her team of Warehouse agents appeared in the world of actual comics in 2011 published by Dynamite Entertainment (which has a contract with the Sy Fy Channel to publish comics). He is written by the same writers as the show, so their control on the adaption of the characters are still strong.


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