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    My Little Margie was, in the years before the  coming of reruns, a summer replacement program for I Love Lucy in 1952, it told the story of a 21 year old woman (played by a 31 year old woman)  living with her widowed father in New York.

    The show proved popular enough to be given a slot of it’s own with the next regular fall television season.

    While dismissed by the critics as silly the viewing audience loved it, making it one of the first viewer supported series.

    The popularity was so great that it was the only TV series to go from that media to being turned into a radio drama and then quickly put into syndication.

    Which is where My Little Margie made it’s strangest conquest as it turned into a popular component of the Saturday morning line-up in the middle of all the cartoons.

    This popularity inspired Charlton Comics to come out with a My Little Margie comic that was published even after the original run of the series was off the air. 

    Of some note is the fact that this series was the place where a number of artist who would in just a few years prove important to the coming ‘Marvel Age of Comics” got their start.


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