My Hero Academia #33

    My Hero Academia » My Hero Academia #33 - From Class A to One For All released by Viz on February 2023.

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    Knowing that All For One has put a target on his back, Midoriya has left U.A., hoping to draw the villains away from everyone he cares about. But his friends know the newest bearer of One For All shouldn’t handle this burden alone, so they set out to bring him back. The forces of good need every hero they can find as the unfolding crisis in Japan now has global ramifications, with even foreign heroes itching to join the fight…

    Chapter Titles

    • No.319: Friend
    • No.320: Deku vs. Class A
    • No.321: From Class A to One For All
    • No.322: Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight
    • No.323: That Single Step
    • No.324: A Young Woman's Declaration
    • No.325: The Bonds of One For All
    • No.326: Who Are You Really?
    • No.327: Rest!!
    • No.328: No Man Is an Island

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