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Robotman might be able to reconcile man and machine – but can he open his digital heart to the woman who's been beside him all along? And Garbage Man faces off against the man who destroyed his life, but is any of his old life left to win back? Will the space-traveling Tanga find a place to call home – or at least defeat all the monsters so she can visit for a while?

Robotman Uncanny Valley Part 6- Robotman has finally found Dr. Turing, and he is not friendly. Robotman beats some nano-infested monkeys and when he confronts Dr. Turing he learns that the doctor was behind the accident that transformed him from Cliff to Robotman. His programing stops him from killing Turing and is forced to turn him over to U.N.R.E.A.S.O.N. Robotman then takes Maddy back with him home to Uncanny Valley. There Maddy lies to Dr. Turing sister/wife, she says they never found him. Robotman feels sad that Maddy had blames herself for the accident and throws himself into his work, to put the MAN in ROBOTMAN.

Garbage Man: The Truth Hurts- Garbage Man and Samantha have set up a trap for Mr. Silver, and when he shows up for their meeting Samantha and Garbage Man catch him. When Silver learns that Garbage Man is Richard Morse, he is prepared to tell everything he knows about Titan. But before he can tell them anything valuable a sniper kills him. Batman then show up and explains that Silver wouldn't have been able to help Garbage Man change back to Richard because the body that was Richard is gone, and his soul has enter the form of Garbage Man. Batman and Garbage Man then go to see Ivan Manchester the man behind Titan. Thye tell him they have evidence that will put him away for a long time. But before they can stop him he takes his own life. Later, Samantha, Garbage Man and the Reverend are back in the sewers, and Garbage Man feels like he may not be the monster he thought he was and maybe could help people, as a Garbage Man.

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