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Does Robotman's past hold the key to defeating the strange creatures on Robot Island? Meanwhile, Garbage Man has enough on his plate without dinosaur creatures from another dimension! And is it Tanga or Za who becomes "Humbled" in their showdown?

Robotman Uncanny Valley Part 5- While on the trail of the missing Dr. Turing, Robotman thinks back to that crash that changed him from flesh and blood to a nano infested robot. He remembers the crash and how the nano-bots used his flesh as power to save his brain. He remembers waking up some time later in the desert, now more machine then man. He remembers how he tried to kill himself but the nano-bots wouldn't let him, and when he crashed on the island he currently is now, the nano-bots escaped. Robotman now realizes that he is the one that caused the infected rice in Cuba, and the snake in Zanzibar. Robotman then realizes that is Dr. Turing who is behind him coming to this island in the first place.

Garbage Man: Death's Door- Garbage Man is face to face with a homeless man who has the strange ability to create monsters when he sleeps. The man explains that when he used to fall asleep monsters would appear, but lately they have been appearing while he is awake. Then Garbage Man, the Reverend, Samantha and a few other homeless people are attacked by these monsters. Garbage Man tries to fight them but he is losing. The homeless man who is now reveled to be one of the experiments of the same evil scientist that created Garbage Man has a revelation. He figures the only way to save the other is by killing himself. Everyone is too late and he kills himself making the monsters disappear too. Samantha and Garbage Man talk about how they can stop Titan, the company responsible for Garbage Man. They hatch a plan to meet with Silver and exchange the document that Richard stole from them earlier for $5 million.

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