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    Mwindaji is a student at the legion Academy with superhuman tracking abilities.

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    Mwindaji was created by Frances Portela and Paul Levitz. His first appearance was in the DC Comics series the Legion of Super-Heroes #9 - Capture.


    Retroboot: New Earth

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    The "Retroboot" returned the Legion to a close approximation of the original team prior to the Five Year Gap. Gahiji is from the planet Kirinyaga in the 31st Century. When his super tracking abilities emerged, Gahiji spent many years tracking in the outer worlds. He considered himself to be possibly the best tracker alive, until he met the Legionnaire Dawnstar, who bested him. Seeking to become as good as, if not better than Dawnstar, Gahiji enrolled in the Legion Academy. There he hoped to learn how to better use his abilities and perhaps someday join the Legion of Super-Heroes as Dawnstar had many years ago. While a student at the Academy, Gahiji adopted the code name Mwindaji.

    While Mwindaji was still a student, he and fellow student Otaki were secretly recruited onto a rescue team organized by their teachers Bouncing Boy and Duplicate Damsel, along with the Legionnaire Star Boy. Their mission was to rescue the Legionnaires Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl from the Dominators. On the mission, Mwindaji used his powers to quickly locate the captive Legionnaires on the Dominators' planet, and to locate Brainiac 5's stolen force shield belt.

    After the mission, Duplicate Damsel complimented both Otaki and Mwindaji on surviving the mission before they returned to the Legion Academy.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mwinjaji is a mutant who was born with the ability to loacte and track down any type of site, object, or sentient being. Even across vast light years of distance or through space his powers did not usually fail him.


    As cadet of the Legion Academy, Mwindaji is allowed the use of a Legion Flight Ring. The ring gives its wearer the ability to fly, the speed and range of which is determined by the wearer's willpower. It also acts as a long-range communicator (enabling constant vocal contact with other Legionnaires, even across vast distances of space), a signal device, and a navigational compass, all powered by a micro-computer built inside the ring.


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