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    Mutator changed form and powers every 12 hours. He was eventually depowered by The Cure.

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    Original New Universe 
    George Mullaney was one of many people who developed a paranormality after the White Event.  Mullaney's paranormality was especially extreme; his body continually mutated from one form to another.  These changes took place over time, and represented a progressive transformation from one from to another, so that Mullaney's body was transformed every 12 hours. 
    Mullaney made his to the Clinic for Paranormal Research.  After the Overshadow was driven from the clinic Mullaney tried to befriend the members of the DP7, although his mutation made most people uncomfortable.  Jeff Walters, however, befriended Mullaney, defending him when he was harassed by other clinic residents.  
    When Walters fled the clinic to search for his family after the Black Event Mullaney travelled with other members of the DP7 group to try and find him.  This took them to the remains of Pittsburg, known as the Pitt, where they had conflicts with Spitfire, scavengers and the military.   Mullaney risked his life several times in order to assist the group. 
    While the rest of the group was captured by the authorities, Mullaney escaped, and made his way to New York City, where he eventually joined a paranormal gang.  Mullaney was reluctantly drawn into a conflict between the gang, members of DP7 and Captain Manhattan, after which he left the gang. 
    Mullaney is next seen, after randomly taking on an attractive form, enjoying a date with Charly Beck.  Following this Mullaney chooses to be depowered by the Cure.

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