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When the Blackbird crashes in the Canadian wilderness, The Six are overrun by The Pack - savage versions of Wolverine, Sabretooth and Wildchild!

It’s Havok vs. Wolverine, Sabretooth and wildchild in the wilderness of Canada with the fate of the six hanging in the balance. Can Havok defeat their animal fury before it’s too late?


Havok is alone running through the cold wilderness of Canada calling for his teammates. They have gone missing. As he runs though others circle him in the shadows. Their identities unknown. He pleads with them to take him too and lashes out with his powers but they still leave him alone and afraid.

Flashback to earlier, The Six are on their way back from an adventure. Havok is still convinced that he is not the Havok of their world. Maddie is unconvinced as Reed Richards was unable to prove his theory and he is the smartest man on earth. Havok continues to plead his case by pointing out the bizarre things that happen and happened to the entire team. Maddie pleads that even if he was right why would he want to go back to a life where they were not married and he didn’t even have a son? A world where humans still hate and fear mutants? Havok has finally had enough and throws a tantrum. He grabs the control’s of the aircraft and cause them to swerve off course and into Canadian air space. They get shot down since Canada and the united states are not on friendly terms in this world.

In the present Havok continues his search for his missing teammates. He runs into an avalanche and is kept safe by his powers the pack then attack comprised of wolverine, Wildchild, Sabretooth and Brute.

Flashback to after they crash-landed in Canada. Maddie is pissed at Alex for what eh has done. Warren was badly injured in the crash, Alex apologizes profusely. Maddie shows him a picture of the six a long time ago when he promised her that they were a family, though now he thinks differently.

Present, The pack swirl around Alex. He calls out to Brute and mages to take him out of his feral state then he attacks the rest. His blast uncovers something they find important they reveal a cave and want Alex to follow, he refuses. He tells them he wants his team back before he helps them further. They run off and return with the rest of the six. Once reunited Wolverine threatens Maddie’s life unless Alex Co-operates. Alex tells Maddie he would never leave her, they are a team.

Alex follows the pack into the cave and comes upon a door. They want him to break it down so he does. Inside is the facility where they were bonded with adamantium. The six follow just in time for them to trip the video feed which shows how they escaped and killed everyone in that very lab. The pack then go berserk and Brute warns them what’s about to happen. Alex apologizes for what he has caused as hey prepare to die. Maddie kisses him and he decides to use the last of his strength to help them to flee. Spent he collapses as the pack are about to spring.

His gambit encourages his team who defeat the pack and are then confronted by Alpha flight who have come to kick them out of Canada.

With the ship fixed they depart as Alex reconciles with his team by telling them he now understands that this is his world and his place is with maddie Alex and the six.


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Yay for male objectification 0

This issue honestly was a solid 3.5 out of five. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great.The goodAs you can see on the cover this issue featured the X-Men's Favorite Bad boy, Wolverine, and most of the issue, he's naked (Yea for male objectification in comic books) as is his wild pack of feral comrades. If you're a Fan of Havoks (Which i am) you won't be disappointed by how the series is carrying along.The badWhen you read this issue along with some of what happens next, you are left looking at this issu...

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