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Introducing the fantastic four like you've never seen them before! The fantastic four and the Six battle Moot for the fate of the multiverse.


Alex Summers is still time lost and now him and the six are sent in to aid the fantastic four as they battle moot, an inter-dimensional traveler. They defeat him despite the fantastic four having no powers in this world and some unresolved tension between Alex, Maddie, sue and reed. Apparently Alex and sue had an affair not so long ago.

Back at home Maddie confronts Alex about his behavior, chalking it up to amnesia from the trauma in issue 1. Bloodstorm goes off to feed and the Fallen behaves lifeless. Alex checks in on scotty and they have a reconciliation when the boy realizes he's a good soul. Maddie sees this and rejoices right as an evil pressence makes itself known in her mirror.

Alex tries to find the proof he needs to convince the six that he is not there Alex. To this end he contacts reed to ahve him run a slew of experiments. Once he arrives though he soon realizes the fantastic four have been taken over by Moot and must now fight off the invaders on his own. He manages to free the fantastic four and subdue the villain.

Reed runs the test and can find nothing to prove Alex's case so he calls in his wife to take him home, the only thing found was a brain trauma suggesting amnesia from the fight in issue one. Maddie takes him home tearfully vowing to do her best to help him through this problem.

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