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Havok, hero and X-Man, awakens in a new reality…inside an alternate version reality of himself! And the X-Men he's surrounded by are very different from those back home. Enter The Six: Marvel Woman, Bloodstorm, The Fallen, Ice-Man and the Brute! How will Havok adjust to this new world with a much darker version of the X-Men at his side?


Alex Summers of earth 616 has just died and finds himself neither in heaven nor hell but in a mysterious blackness. On a parallel Earth the mutant superhero team known as "the six" engage strange set of sentinels in battle. Just as they are about to win Havok intercepts a deadly energy beam intended for his wife Madelyn. He dies on impact and Alex 616 soul enters his body. He is svaed from drowning by a green skinned aquatic Henry McCoy who is no smarter than a 5 year old. A vampiric Storm (Bloodstorm), demonic Angel (The fallen), a literal Iceman and Marvel Woman this worlds Madelyn Pryor-Summers.

He's taken back to their headquarters where he recoups and then unsure of what to make of his surrounding and those around him decides to play along hoping whoever is playing mind games with him will slip up. What he hears is a very different story of his life. He was the only survivor of his family's plane explosion and he was a founding member of the x-men. In this world he has the life that scott has in marvel 616 with a few changes with his team. Hank is now Brute thanks to him never stopping the self experimentation which originally left him a blue furball. Warren never recovered from Apocalypse's conditioning, Iceman never recovered from Loki's tampering in asgard, Storm died from Dracula's bite, jean was dead and Madelyn and Alex had a son named after deceased brother Scott and during Inferno she had gained considerable Telekinetic power in exchange for her son's life.

At that moment the team rushes to liberty island to save their son and his nanny, the greek assassin Elektra from nick fury and S.H.I.E.L.D who are mutant hating terrorists on this world. They manage to save Scotty and Fury escapes. Only Scotty realizes that Alex is not really his father. Back at home Alex tries to comfort the boy and as they touch he remembers that he's not a native of this world but from marvel prime earth 616. The boy "your not my daddy...I want my Daddy NOW!"


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Mutant X #1 0

Mutant X was a new series launched in October of 1998, which followed Alex Summers (Havok of X-Fact/X-Men) into an alternate reality where everything he knows is topsy tervy, comparable to Alice's descent down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.The GoodThis was a pretty descent first issue for marvel, especially if you are a fan of alternate realities (Which I am)The "dark" reflections of Character's we were use to seeing certain ways is refreshing, but I gotta say that none of the characters remin...

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