Mutant Town

    Location » Mutant Town appears in 36 issues.

    A former East Side neighborhood of Manhattan that becomes an isolated, walled city of mutants after Old Hob sets off a mutagen bomb.

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    Former territory on the East Side of Manhattan that becomes an isolated city walled in by mutants after Old Hob sets off a mutagen bomb. The authorities, led by Baxter Stockman, decided that the city would be outside the jurisdiction of New York and that its citizens could not have any contact with the rest of the inhabitants of the city.

    Over time, the isolated city has become self-sufficient and home to all the mutants stemming from the Old Hob bombing. Recently, it has also become the home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who under the name of Splinter Clan, have created a dojo where mutants are taught to be self-sufficient and help them in their new life. Additionally, the Splinter Clan has also become home to numerous orphans and homeless children. In the city there are also several significant places of various characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, such as the Mighty Mutanimals Headquarters, the Alopex's shelter, the Mona Lisa's apartment or the Kennel Klub.

    The Mutant Town has become one of the main centers of interest for some of the enemies of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, being the place of operations and interests of Baxter Stockman, Old Hob and the Mighty Mutanimals, Karai and the Foot Clan, or of the Rat King.

    The delimitation of the city and its limits correspond to 23rd Street to the North, with Park Avenue down to Union Square East and Broadway to the West, Houston Street to the South, and the East River to the East. The entire city is surrounded by large walls and a security perimeter with armed guards that prevents entry and exit. Much of the city is full of buildings in disrepair and apparently uninhabited or in ruins.


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