Mutant Town

    Location » Mutant Town appears in 107 issues.

    Before M-Day, Mutant Town was a poor area of New York (Lower East Side) that was primarily inhabited by mutants. While it was a poorer area, mutants found it to be a place where they could be themselves.

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    District X or Mutant Town was the setting of much mutant criminal activity as it was where the population was dominated by mutants, most of them with useless powers but nonetheless the majority of this area's citizens were criminals or involved in illegal activities. 

    House of M

    This shift in reality turns District X into “Mutopia X”, the center of art and culture in the new mutant-dominated world. The denizens of District X find themselves in a newly elevated societal status. Lara the Illusionist is a movie star married to entertainment mogul, Daniel “Shaky” Kaufman. Absolon Mercator and Gregor Smerdyakov have founded the Center for Transformation and Illumination and are the center of a spiritual following as they help mutants achieve their genetic potential.

    After the Decimation

    Mutant Town is inhabited by depowered mutants. There have been several riots in Mutant Town for various reasons. Mutant Town is being protected by X-Factor. Wolfsbane and Strong Guy have stopped a riot, and when the army tried to enter and take control, the two of them plus Siryn stopped them from entering.

    Mutants that lived in Mutant Town at some point in time:


    Mr. M


    Lara the Illusionist

    Hannah Levy




    Kiden Nixon


    Gregor Smerdyakov


    Johnny Dee

    Armena Ortega

    Winston Hobbes


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