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    The Mutant Massacre was a Marvel Comics crossover event beginning in 1986. It involved the X-Men, X-Factor, the New Mutants, Power Pack, Thor, and Daredevil. The principle writer was Chris Claremont.

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    The Marauders stalk a mutant named Tommy from Los Angeles to New York City in order to find the location of the Morlocks. Once they discover the underground layer of the Morlocks they massacre hundreds of innocent mutants before either the X-Men or X-Factor can arrive to protect the rest. During the ensuing battle, Angel is crucified by Harpoon, and several of the X-Men are severly beaten. Eventually, the Power Pack, the New Mutants and the Mighty Thor arrive to tip the scales in favor of the X-Teams.

    Later, Sabretooth of the Marauders follows Wolverine back to the X-Mansion and destroys Cerebro. Then Psylocke confronts Sabretooth who falls off a cliff in order to escape. Wolverine pursues him while Psylocke scans Sabretooth's mind for information regarding the Marauders motives. Eventually, Sabretooth is met by Daredevil in New York City after he gets away from Wolverine, and the two clash in battle.

    Years later it is revealed that Gambit lead the Marauders in their attack under orders from Mr. Sinister.

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