Mutant Containment Center, Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn

    Location » Mutant Containment Center, Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn appears in 9 issues.

    80 years into the future, mutants are kept in containment centers, branded and forgotten.

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    In Earth-616, the child known as the Messiah of Mutantkind, grew up and killed a million baseline humans. Why or how is unknown, but the US government's response was to keep all mutants in internment camps. To do this, they relocated the funding from the space program, specifically, the section that tracks space junk and predicts when and where it will hit the earth.

    The camp located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn is where young Lucas Bishop was born and grew up.

    It is also where Layla Miller and a duplicate of Jamie Madrox ended up when they were sent into the future. Knowing what she has to do, Layla made sure she was apprehended and put into the camp, subjecting herself to the brutal treatment that has befallen most all mutants born in that time.


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