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Mustang was a Navy airman who flew stunt planes after his tour of duty. He was severely injured in a plane crash that cost him his sight and injured his legs and kidneys. Seeking treatment from Dr. Prospero, Mustang lived in a desert encampment near the clinic. Like many other residents of this makeshift community, he was secretly turned into a Prime Sentinel for Operation: Zero Tolerance.

After his transformation into a Prime Sentinel, Mustang battled the X-Men to a standstill. However, he was able to overcome his programming after being temporarily blinded by a flash of Jubilee’s pyrotechnics and he helped the X-Men after his personality reasserted itself. Mustang left with SHIELD in the hopes that they would be able to restore his humanity or at least to erase the Sentinel directives from his cyborg body.


Amongst the abilities granted to him from his conversion into a Prime Sentinal are:

Employed nanomorphic molecular tissue to shift between normal human and Sentinel hunter modes

Enhanced strength, reflexes and durability

Expansive force fields

Regenerative powers capable of sustaining both organic and technological components

Multiple scanning modes which include thermal, x-ray, bio-kinetic, sonic, sub-visual and mutagenic signatures

As well as a comprehensive energy based arsenal such as plasma blasts, laser light beams," annihilation beam", bio-blasts keyed to the specific genetic structure of a given target and electronic cloaking measures.

Mustang as the ability to fly through the use of rocket powered boots.


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