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When Music meister was a kid, he noticed that he had mind controlling powers. When he became an adult, he initiated a global crime spree. He made others (even superheroes and villains) steal a magnificent amount of wealth for him, and do his bidding. But, Batman and his compatriots ruined his plan.


The Music Meister was first shown on the tv-series Batman: The Brave and the Bold, episode: Mayhem of the Music Meister! He was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.

In the comics, he was one of the villains who Bat-mite make fight against Batman.


-He has shown a romantic interest for Black Canary. But, when she rejected him, those feelings faded away rather quickly.

-He has many music based machines and weapons. For example, a vehicle that looks like a musical note.

-He has an extensive and bizarre wardrobe that he uses alot. He`s remarkably quick at changing clothes (which doesn`t mean that he has super speed).


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