Character » Muse appears in 6 issues.

    A superhuman mercenary, and one of the star participants in the Great Game.

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    Story Arcs

    The Return of Kaine

    Shannon Fitzpatrick was a participant in the Great Game, and acted as the primary operative of James Johnsmeyer under the name Muse. After Johnsmeyer recovered the comatose Kaine, Muse, acting on Johnsmeyer's orders, pretended to be injured and tried to convince Kaine to join the game. When he refused, she pretended to help him escape and went on the run with him. Together the two travelled through New York, pursued by both the other agents of the Game and Ben Reilly, then operating as Spider-Man. She used her hypnotic powers to help him defeat Polestar, Rhino and Joystick

    After Kaine took a bullet to protect Muse from the police she found herself falling for him, eventually kissing him despite his deformity. Kaine then had a precognitive vision of him killing Muse, and furious, went to destroy the Great Game. Johnsmeyer then ordered Muse to use her concussive abilities, which she had been hiding, to incapacitate Kaine, but she refused. Upon realizing that Muse had misled him, Kaine almost killed her, but Spider-Man convinced him not to be a slave to his visions or his rage, and Kaine spared her life. To redeem herself in Kaine's eyes Muse then jumped out a window, forcing Spider-Man to catch her and give Kaine time to escape. Muse was presumably taken into custody, though it would have been difficult to convict her of any crime, so she may still be at large.

    Powers & Abilities

    Muse was physically fit and a competent athlete. She had the power of psychic persuasion which she could use to command or confuse others. She could also generate powerful blasts of concussive force from her hands.


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