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    Wrapped in bandages like a mummy with a large mouth on his chest. Murmur is a mutant with teleportation powers. A mysterious entity, he was also a member of Emplate's "Hellions."

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    Wrapped in bandages, not much is known of the mutant known as Murmur apart from that he was mutated into pseudo-vampiric form by Emplate. Covered in bandages as he was, his identity was never revealed either. In a 2008 edition of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, however, he gained a real name: Allan Rennie. He was said to be a soft-spoken individual heavily infected from Emplate's feeding, so much so that he'd lost most of his memories of his former life.

    He was recruited and joined a team that Emplate gathered to do battle with Generation X. This group consisted of: the super strong Bulwark, the physical shape shifting Vincente, and Emplate's driver D.O.A.. (This team was advertised as being the " Hellions," though this was only in advertising. Emplate never referred to the team by this or any name.) In an uncharacteristic move, Emplate not only recruited mutants for his team but a human as well: a woman named Gayle Edgerton from Generation X member Chamber's past. When Chamber's powers first manifested in the form of an uncontrolled psionic blast, he had unintentionally paralyzed Gayle. Emplate offered her a chance for revenge, turning her into one of his vampiric minions as well. Anyone that is changed by Emplate would have tiny mouths with sharp teeth on the palms of their hand. In Murmur's case he had a singly larger mouth located directly on his chest. The difference was never explained.

    Emplate's "Hellions" were successful in capturing the young mutants of Generation X, but not before M was able to telepathically call for help. It was answered by the time-displaced X-Man known Bishop. A battle ensued quickly. Vicente and Murmur, overconfident in their numbers, teamed up to try and defeat the solo X-Man. Vincente launched the first attack. He used his mutant ability and transformed to a mist-like state and proceeded to enter Bishop's lungs, attempting to suffocate the X-Man. Normally effective, in this case it backfired though. Although Bishop initially was choking, his mutant powers then activated. Bishop has the ability to absorb mutant energy and covert it into a multitude of things. Vincente, while in his mist form, was pure mutant energy. Bishop's body began to absorb him. This would have killed Vincente had he stayed in Bishop's lungs any longer, but he was able to escape, just barely. When Murmur realized that he was outclassed and out-powered, he decided flight would be his best bet. He and Bulwark escaped through a teleportation portal that he opened. Emplate's team would disband shortly there after.

    Murmur has yet to make an appearance since this event. Though it has been revealed that he was depowered due the events of M-Day. Additionally it was revealed that the energies that he used to control were then drawn to the Collective.


    Murmur had the mutant ability of teleportation. He was able to rip open teleportation portals within his line of sight that he was able to physically move into. His limitations have never been revealed in regards to the distance he can travel. He does show the ability to teleport at very least five individual at one time.

    As a follower of Emplate, he was turned into a semi-vampiric state, with Emplate being the host. In this state Murmur had enhanced strength and durability (like all of the Emplate minions) and had a large mouth in chest. Most of Emplate's minions usually had the mouth on their palms. It has not been revealed if he still affected by Emplate's powers.

    It's unrevealed if his bandages had anything to do with his powers or if it was simply for look. When Murmur used his powers, his bandages would animate. It appeared that the bandages may be connected to this teleportation powers, though never revealed.


    Known Relatives: Unrevealed

    Citizenship: British.

    Place of Birth: England presumed, though unrevealed.

    Marital Status: Single

    Occupation: Terrorist formerly.

    Education: Unrevealed.


    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 165 lbs.

    Eyes: Black

    Hair: Unrevealed, presumed bald

    Unusual Features: Murmur was completely wrapped in bandages in all of his appearances. It's unrevealed if his bandages have anything to do with is mutation or considered apart of his costume.


    Scott Lobdell, Todd Dezago and Tom Grummet


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