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Murder was an American astronaut who was reluctantly sent into space on a mission to find out if the Soviets were up to anything. A crow stowed away in his shuttle as he approached a tear in the universe. His shuttle came back without him as he later reappeared as a telepathic flock of crows. He has no recollection of anything after his mission in 1960.


Murder was created by writers Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley.

Current Events

Since Murder's debut he has been featured as a prominent member of the Hoax Hunters.

Major Story Arcs

Getting Away with Murder

for more information: Hoax Hunters

When an old space suit being carried by crows starts terrorizing people in present day Moscow, the Hoax Hunters head off to investigate. They search for clues at the Museum of the History of Cosmonautics. They find that a photo is missing of a Friedrich Braun, Nazi scientist brought to Russia after the war, and head to his home. There the team finds the suit holding Braun captive with crows. The suit flees as Regan chases after him. The suit is captured by Luzhin, a mad Soviet scientist, who plans to drain the cosmic energy stored in the suit from the rift in the universe. The crows flock the machine and overload it, seemingly killing both the suit and Luzhin. As the Hoax Hunters later attempt to bury the suit another flock of crows fly into the suit and animate it while a telepathic consciousness introduces itself as Murder to Ken and asks to join the team.


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