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A year of excitement on The Muppet Show!

First, Kermit and the gang put on a show to celebrate spring's arrival at the Muppet Theater. Special guest Meredith the Mountain Gorilla arrives to perform on the Muppet Show, but the many admirers competing for her affections may derail the whole performance!

Then, it's loads of summer fun in the sun when the Muppets throw a Beach Party Extravaganza. Fozzie gets an offer he can't refuse, but he leaves Scooter high and dry without a partner for his act. Can Scooter find a suitable replacement for his routine in time?

And fall sets in at the Muppet Theater as the leaves change, the weather cools, and longtime doorman Pops is forced into retirement by the Stage Doorman's Union. The Muppets must find a way to keep Pops around, but what secret is his potential replacement hiding?

Finally, the cast celebrates the winter holidays at the Muppet Theater and everyone is getting into the spirit of the season. The Swedish Chef causes chaos in the kitchen when he tries to make his special Christmas dessert, Kermit and Piggy exchange holiday gifts, and Gonzo introduces his new performing protege.


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