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A race of pandimensional fiends who represent the perfected reflection of every sapient being throughout the known universe. The Mummudrai are a rumored species of creature who reflect the complete and total antipathy of their live side doppelganger, All who are born regularly fight their materialized twin before birth.

In Shi'ar mythology these phantoms represent the anti-self of being, many of which thrive and take glee in the flaying of a persons fondest wishes and desires as though they were peeling a potato.

Mummudrai are able to copy and manipulate the genetic stalk of who or whatever it is they wish to emulate. Enabling them access to whatever underlying potential the mimic'd D.N.A possesses enhancing themselves through it, as beings of psi energy they also boast advanced TK and ESP; able to dismantle a gun bolt by bolt and influence the minds of others even long distance.

Uncanny X-Force

It is revealed that the Revenants Bishop and X-Force are chasing, are in fact, Mummudrai.


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