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Promotional map of the DC Multiverse
Promotional map of the DC Multiverse

Shortly after the conclusion of the weekly series 52, writer Grant Morrison had planned to create a series with his fellow co-writers which focused entirely on the vast DC Multiverse they had set up within the pages of 52. The intended collaboration never gained any steam, but Morrison would continue to work solo with the idea for years, first mentioning it following the conclusion of his Final Crisis story arc. DC Comics first started to reveal details and art from Frank Quitely's issue in September 2012, but the series ultimately debuted nearly two years later in August 2014.

Like Morrison's previous work in Seven Soldiers of Victory, Multiversity would begin with a bookend chapter, setting up the entire story arc. Following the first issue, a series of seven monthly one-shots, each focusing on a specific parallel Earth would be released. Each of these one-shots could be read on their own, or skipped entirely, but a specific thread connecting all of them would be woven through out. After the release of the seven one-shots, a second bookend chapter would be released to close the series out.

Some of the industry's best artists would contribute to the series, many of whom had previously collaborated with Grant Morrison before like Frank Quitely, Cameron Stewart, Doug Mahnke, Chris Sprouse and Ben Oliver. Other artists who contributed to the series are Ivan Reis and more.

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