Character » Multi-Paul appears in 19 issues.

    Multi-Paul is Dupli-Kate's slightly crazy twin brother.

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     Paul's powers come from a curse the Emperor placed on Warlord Fung Cha who userped his throne. The curse said"The seventh generation after Cha's seventh grandchild would be burdended with a family too large to care for... and it would drive him mad." Many years later Tsing Cha had two twin children Kate and Paul. They began to make copies of themselves and their father went mad. The two gained control of their powers when they hit puberty. Kate started to call herself Dupli-Kate and soon joined the group Teen Team and the new Guardians of the Globe. She was killed on a mission against a terrorist group called the Lizard League. Paul now Multi-Paul attacked her team mate Rex-Splode and Invincible due to being angry over her death. It was revealed that his sister was still alive and only her clones died. She tried to stop her brother's rampage, but he was already beaten by Invincible.


    Paul can copy himself at will like his sister. He is also a martial artist like his sister.


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